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What are the top 10 things to do on the island of Oahu?

-- Jamie Riesdorph (, January 10, 1999


10. Trying to walk against the wind at the Pali lookout on a windy day.

9. Having lunch out at the "Sand Bar" in the middle of Kaneohe Bay. Some people bring chairs, tables, and even portable t.v.s and set up shop on a sand bar in about 6"-12" of water in the middle of Kaneohe Bay.

8. Checking out the night life in Waikiki on a Friday or Saturday night at least once.

7. Swimming and playing with the fish in Hanauma Bay---early in the morning before the water gets cloudy from all the people kicking up the sand and feeding the fish.

6. Eating Matsumoto's Hawaiian Delight shave ice on a hot day (located in Haleiwa).

5. Any of the hikes in which you can see both the leeward and windward sides of the island at the same time.

4. Swimming out to Flat Island with the turtles at Kailua beach. We have yet to swim out there and not have turtles escort us.

3. Seeing the sunrise at Kailua or Laikai beach, cruising over to the north shore and having a good beer while watching the sun set.

2. Having an anniversary dinner at Buzz's in Kailua (President Clinton popped in cause he heard so much about it and returning Pro Bowl players always stop in)

and the number one thing to do on Oahu...

1. Checking out the winter surf as there is nothing that compares to the power of a 20 foot wave pounding.

-- Roy Inouye (, January 10, 1999.

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