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Pissed off. I have IRC, Newsgroups, the whole web, video games, web creating, on-line gaming, e-mail to read, Real audio, local radio, & yet here I am screwing with this forum. I am surprising myself, and yet I think ya are all nuts. Get a life. Of course that goes for me too, hehe. What is your point exactly? I fail to see it.


-- PnkPantha (, January 10, 1999


This pissy cat is even more aggressive than JBD.
Sounds like JBD's "goodbye" post.
Take your impaired vision over to IRK, or go play with yourself.
We're preparing for what businesses are throwing Billions of Buckeroos at in a desperate attempt to stay afloat the tidal wave Y2K DownFall.
Point you away from here.

-- Piston Trolls (wheres@the.blaster), January 10, 1999.

Actually, yes, I am on drugs right now, as we speak. And no matter what I do, I keep digging and learning more and preparing. Part of that preparation includes temporarily expanding my consciousness in order to open up creativity and understanding chambers in my mind that don't normally get much attention so that I can see a wider range of implications and possibilities. It allows me to imagine scenarios that I might have to deal with under a wide variety of circumstances, so that I may be able to respond accordingly. And, it helps to keep me from getting pissed off. Sure, I could do all that anyway, but, what the hell?

I suppose the point is that there's a chance that a year from now we won't be able to enjoy the luxury the web, gaming, radio, e-mail and all those other things that we have come to take for granted. And for some, this is one way to help keep a life. I mean, there's no life without life.


-- a (b@c.def), January 10, 1999.

Dear, I have analyzed your problem. You are terrified of Y2K and therefore feel the need to lash out at those of us who have faced the demon with the two digit-eyes. You are disassociating yourself from this coming event, because you fear the stress and mental anguish of not knowing what to expect will send you around the bend. Just check the Monitor's article "I'm OK, You're OK, but I'm Not Sure About Y2K. If that fails, read Ernest Becker's Denial of Death.

Dr. Jessie

-- gilda jessie (, January 10, 1999.

This site, unlike the rest of the internet, and especially IRC, contains a highly concentrated mass of powerful grey matter, all intent on surviving whatever calamities Y2K will bring. Trolls and mediocre quality grey matter is tolerated in as much as they eventually learn something valuable. But in the long run, trolls and simpletons who haven't learned, self-destruct and disapear. As they will, come 2000.

-- One of many (, January 10, 1999.


it is precisely because of idiots like you that we on this forum need to share ideas, in order to be prepared. because there will be some people like you who run out of food or whatever and you'll be coming around to us crying for help, or possibly threatening violence. by spreading awareness and getting hopefully 99% of the people to prepare, we can actually eliminate most of the problem. if a majority of people continue to take an attitude such as yours then that will actually become a major part of the problem.

-- (@@@.@), January 10, 1999.


The Y2k computer problems will almost certainly cause numerous disruptions in basic services in many regions of the U.S. It is too late to find and fix all Y2k bugs before they cause trouble.

The sensible conclusion to be drawn from that situation is that people should prepare to cope with the possible (not 100% absolutely certain, but highly probable) breakdowns of basic services such as electricity, heat, water, banking, sewage, telephones, food transportation, government and so on, that might occur in their areas.

If you prepare, and nothing happens, you will at least be better prepared in case of future natural disaster.

If you don't prepare, and Y2k causes major disruption, you could suffer financial loss, property damage, injury, disease, or even death because of lack of basic services.

-- No Spam Please (, January 10, 1999.

Frankly Pnk Pantha I love to worry, fret, and get all excited over nothing! I love riding the www and I tune into every site I can find that screams TEOTWAWKI. I'm bored to death with the Pollyannas. I want to hear all the doom and gloom I can. This BB is mild compared to some. I just pop in here every once in a while to see what's happening. I'm gullible like every one else. By the way, what's your point? I mean I fail to see why you are even asking the question. I think many of us sit here and toke on our dope, get lit, and forget about worry. You know, it's just something about having some good weed that makes you forget all that fretting, things seem to be just really mellow here. I'm not worried or bored at the present moment, I'm just wondering why you asked the question.

-- navajojoe (, January 10, 1999.

Maybe it's because we're not on drugs or alcohol (or enough anyway to make our brains fuzzy) that we can see the iceberg approaching in the dark ( the darkness of government information) and are seeking to minimize it's effects (save our Lives!)on us.

-- Sue (, January 11, 1999.

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