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Hi there! I've gone to Hawaii 2 or 3 times now. I'm going again in February for only 4 days so I would like to know what things I can do to make the most of it. My mother says there should be good shopping but I want to know exactly for what and where in Hawaii. Companies, brand names, the actual product, etc... I want to go shopping particularly for things like sunglasses and clothes and things like that. Also, is there anything else there that is "cheaper" than other places in the world (I live in Canada)? For example, if gold or pearls are cheaper there, I'd like to know because I want to shop for things and get a good deal for things I probably couldn't get in Canada. Thank you.

Please answer this,


-- Elle Victoria (, January 10, 1999


Shopping isn't one of our strong points 8((( There are many shopping malls and centers, flea markets, and outlet stores (Saks, Levis, Mikasa, Off Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills, etc.). If you're looking for items you can't get anyhere else, you may want to look at the surf shops for t-shirts, shorts, and other accessories. There are a bunch of sun glass shops in every mall---there is an outlet store for Sunglass Hut International.

In fact, you could get some Botanicals Hawaii art or note cards--- mention this email and we'll give you 10% off 8))))

Guess I'm not sure what price range you're looking for (i.e., one big item and several mid and small ticket items?).

Give us a call (263-8193) when you get here and hopefully we can better help you or at least tell you of other small, specialty stores that carry "Made in Hawaii" items.

-- Roy Inouye (, January 10, 1999.

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