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What would happen if one gets caught trespassing on Niihau? It is the "Forbidden Isle"..and that makes it that much more attractive. Would I be in big trouble if I chartered a speed boat to get me there, stand on the beach, and then flee, as the locals come after me?

-- Randall Shaffer (, January 10, 1999


Actually you wouldn't have to do that. There are helicopter tours to the island, although to really get around you need an invitation from the owners or a resident. If you went with a boat, I'm sure the locals would see you since there are basically two landings, but doubt if they'd come with guns to scare you off since like the mainland Mr. Motorolla is faster than any car, boat, or plane.

Actually, the owners are pretty cool since instead of making some sort of rip off resort, they keep the land for the Hawaiians who run a cattle and sheep ranch.

Now if you wanted a thrill, you should have tried to trespass on Kahoolawe during the 70's with all the activists. They were trying to stop the bombing by the Navy. You'd either get a rush from the Coast Gaurd and Navy gunners chasing down your boat or if you made it to the island, you just had to hope no missions were planned for that day and if they were, you hoped they hit their target.

-- Billy Bosnoda (, January 14, 1999.

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