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Roy - Since you live in Hawaii andt his question is about you I felt it was OK to ask since the forum is so open. Do you still have your pony tail? Dave cut his off yesterday. Aloha, Meg

-- Meg Chun (, January 10, 1999


Yup, still long and growing. One of these days when I grow up, I'll probably cut it. So I guess another has decided to grow up, eh? So how's the weather in Bend? We be in a cold spell right now as it's a two-three blanket night. Yup, we got down to the mid to low 60's the other night 8((((( Imagine Kialoa paddles could just use water instead of glue, eh?...


-- Roy Inouye (, January 10, 1999.

A true sign of wisdom as what is the color of the hair of the wise man on top of the mountain?

-- Roy Inouye (, January 19, 1999.

Last I saw, which was about 3 weeks ago, Roy's hair was long and was getting increasingly gray.

-- Valerie Evans (, January 18, 1999.

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