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When I was at the bookstore today I spotted this magazine with Y2k splashed across the front cover. Bought the magazine & the article (14 pages) seems to be well written. Talks about global interconnectedness. The magazine is Business2.0 (Jan 1999 issue) "Crunch Time for the Network Economy-Y2k Special International Report-Who's Ready. Who's Toast. They have a website-www.business2.0 click on "A Global Guide to Y2K" which is a synopsis of the article, (not the whole thing.) Might be a good article for the DGI. Have a good evening all. Donna

-- Donna in Texas (, January 09, 1999


Business 2.0 -- Will Public Networks be Ready for Year 2000? can be found at

-- Critt Jarvis (Wilmington, NC) (, January 09, 1999.

The author of the article I mentioned above is Eric Hellweg. I really recommend getting the magazine, the color coded world map on pg.54-55 is very nicely done. It's titled A World Holds Its Breath, y2k poses a problem everywhere. Talks about each country & the level of "readiness". The article is too lenghty to go into much detail here. The synopsis should help.

-- Donna in Texas (, January 09, 1999.

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