Rick Cowles video "Zapped"; any reviews?

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Has anyone seen Rick Cowles new video "Zapped"? It's about preparing for extended power outages... $39 is not a lot of money, but it would be a lot of rice for a video if it isn't much help. Not that I think Mr. Cowles would put out anything that isn't great, I just want to see some reviews before I buy.

Boy, I've gotten stingey... I keep comparing every purchase to it's equivalent value in rice and beans...

-- Arewyn (nordic@northnet.net), January 08, 1999


Just to balance things out - how about a word from the guy who replaced Rick Cowles. Just to let you know - he isn't full of DOOM.


-- Paul Davis (davisp1953@yahoo.com), January 08, 1999.

No, he is full of shit. Just like you. Love your brown eyes... A quart low maybe?

-- Paul Milne (fedinfo@halifax.com), January 08, 1999.

Talking of Dick Mills, I assume. Seems strange that he writes for the Westergaard site, which is generally GI-oriented...


-- Sean Fitzgerald (seanf@sas.upenn.edu), January 08, 1999.

The Westerragg is GI oriented? Better check out some of Howard "Clueless" Belasco's stuff before you decide that.

-- Ha (nope@nupe.com), January 08, 1999.

Gee, it was my understanding that Rick was replaced because he had too many other more important demands on his time. When I read Mr. Mills' first article, I sent an e-mail asking who at W had had a 180 change of heart. Since I got no response, I had my name removed from their list. I've lost faith...

I think Rick knows whereof he speaks; I was just wondering if "Zapped" would contain any info most of us don't already know. My Dad's birthday is coming up...

-- Arewyn (nordic@northnet.net), January 08, 1999.

In defense of Dick Mills, (although I think Rick has a more realistic sense of the actual turning of events) he is very knowledgable and remembers how the grid was run twenty or thirty years ago. He seems to be stuck in a time warp that has seen the whole thing running before SCADA. He does admit that we don't have the trained people to do what we used to do. He went on a survey trip and came back with some very bad news and a more GI oriented article afterwards. Rick has a more up-to-date and realistic picture of the current situation IMHO.

-- James Chancellor (publicworks1@bluebonnet.net), January 08, 1999.

I lost all faith in Dick Mills when he told me that the generator slowed when I switched the light on, and then went on with this absurdity by "calculating" the change in rotational speed.

I have not read any posting of his since.

It seems like the Westergaard place was once a 'get it' place, it definitely is now a 'don't get it place'. My guess is thise is because of the relationship between Westergaard and Senator Moynihan, who has changed his views recently. Like Senator Bennett.

-- dave (wootendave@hotmail.com), January 08, 1999.

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