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1999 - Nowhere to Run

By Robert Lefkowitz January 7, 1999

The title should say it all. We've got only 52 weeks left to solve the Year 2000 Problem. Yet still we find ourselves confronted by altogether too many organizations that have not yet begun their programs. For those companies - and any others that are far behind in their compliance plans - conventional approaches will not yield the desired results that are the goal of all Year 2000 compliance projects: complete compliance across the organization. ==============

This is the results of the 'successfully' proceeding remediation. It is HOPELESSLY off track.

The rest of his article discusses tactics for business to try to keep their heads above water. It is a laughably feeble concept.

"Even though you are a 'steward' you will have to be down in the bilge bailing out the water. Never mind that the water is pouring in faster than you can bail. Never mind that we could have devoted more time and effort to this sooner. Nevermind that we mismanaged the whole thing miserably an EXACTLY according to the standard IT metrics that the pundits said would not apply because this was only a maintenance project. Never mind that you were hired to do this job and now we are going to impress you against your will into another job because we only devoted a tiny portion of our IT staff to the job at the right time instead of ALL of them. Never mind that our short sightedness has been born out yet once again even though the pollyannas say they can't believe that we would operate in such a non self-interested way. Never mind that no matter what we do the vast majority of companies will never make it. Nevermind that most of the countries of the world upon whom we are economically dependent for out lives are years behind us. We can not give you any guarantess that we will not sink while you are still in the bowels of the ship. And I know that you will not be really very happy about having no access to any lifeboat while you are still here bailing water. But,we have decided to implement a new casual dress policy in the bilges and want you to bail water in comfort even if we slip below the waves taking you and your family with us."

"Sorry bozo. I'm outta here." -- Paul Milne If you live within five miles of a 7-11, you're toast.

As you pollyannas refute this, keep in mind that the creator of this forum has said basically the same thing, just in a little more politically correct language.

See Ed Yourdons many essays on this site.

-- a (a@a.a), January 07, 1999


Before Milne panics you with his DOOM - read my post on Y2K compliant power above.

-- Paul Davis (, January 08, 1999.

I did read Paul's piece about the seven complient power plants, and I'm totally unimpressed with this puny number.

-- Joe Barnes (, January 08, 1999.

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