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Anybody got any good stratagies for orks in 3rd except to get into close combat as quickly as possible?

-- kharn (rocharezno@aol.com), January 07, 1999


Wotcha gonna doo shoot at 'em? Keep in mind that under the new 3rd edition there are no negatives to hit due to cover, so all shots taken are made on a 5+,BS of 2, and I know from my battles in 2nd edition that the orks rarely ever got to shoot without negatives because of the massive amounts of terrain we use and prefer, but in the new rules, well, shoot away and be thankful you don't always have to hit on a 6+:) Other than that you would be depriving your orks of their greatest strength if you avoided close combat, especially with regular orks lugging 2 attacks each +1 attack with 2 weapons usually, so an ork with 3 attacks should be stuck in with all speed! forget about saving their green hides they have toughness of 4 and there's always more where they came from.

-- (hryerson@hotmail.com), January 08, 1999.

Shooting isnt that bad of an idea because all the ork heavy weapons are assualt plus they're dirt cheap so dont be afraid to shoot with the boyz.

-- (Stip-e@juno.com), January 09, 1999.

First off you need a killer command squad!(the rest of the army is expendable). here's a good start. Warlord + 5 nobs accompanied by 2 mech boyz wit kustom fors feilds and mad doc arm as many as yoos kan wit mega armor mount on wartruck(mobility sake) this will give you 2 5+ invoulnerable saves and yoos git to ignore ya first failed armor save. (gretchin make great sheilds now that you get to pic casualties from them lousy marines that like to shoot alot! From waRloRd thrONg dA skuLl krUsHa

-- ad20 (ad20@hotmail.com), February 17, 1999.

When playing marines shoot with rokkit launchas, the strength and no save bonus is a must. Against anyone else take big shootas their range and multiple shots make them a little more versitle. The exception is the dreadnaught wich should always get rokkits, any large guns they have(tanks ect.) will go first for the dread then the dread will have a good chance of returning fire. Usually give the max # of guns allowed to a mob, they will get their points cost.

-- Brent Turner (Gaskull452@aol.com), March 01, 1999.

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