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I have taken some pictures using Agfa 100 APX 4x5 sheet film and intend to develop them in a Jobo drum. I purchased Rodinol developer, but I have heard that Rodinal may suppress the mid-tones slightly, and that some photographers use other highly dilute developers and longer processing times. I would like suggestions from those of you experienced with this film. Thanks.

-- Mark Lipton (, January 07, 1999



Hmm. I use Rodinal to develop APX in tubes and have found the recommended times to be correct and the asa to be an honest 100 although I shoot at EI 80 for personal reasons involving incompetence. I don't notice any suppressing of the midtones. Seems to me you're going to have to do some tests and decide for yourself.

I've also used HC110 on this film with good results but never compared the two on the same image.

-- Erik Ryberg (, January 07, 1999.

I've been using Agfa 100 in 4X5 and 120 sizes developed in Rodinal 1:50 for over ten years. I've made some prints of which I'm quite proud. I would strongly suggest you use Ansel, Fred Picker, or anyone else's method for determining film speed as well as developing time with a densitometer AND with some real life printing of selected negatives of places or people you know in lighting you're familiar with. Don't rely on someone else's film speed or developing time recommendations. Only then will you really get to know any film and developer combination. Resist the developer/film of the week. These combinations are unlikely to be the limiting factor in most photographers' work. Make images, not tests, but make tests first. Good luck.

-- Eric Brody (, January 12, 1999.

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