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This is the instruction sheet for the exam. Note the room location.

Contracts IIb Professor Lessig January 15, 1999

First Part, in class, 9:0010:00 a.m., in Austin West Second Part, take home, due 3:30-4:30 p.m., in Ropes Gray


1. This exam has three parts. The first part is an "in class" section, which you will have one hour to complete. The second and third part of the exam can be completed out of class. The second question is an "issue spotting" question, and the third is an essay question based on the case, Commonwealth Edison v. AGNS, that I have provided. Each part of the exam is weighted 1/3.

2. The first part of the exam is a multiple choice section. Note that for many questions, more than one answer is literally correct. Except for one question where indicated, you must se-lect the single "best" of the correct answers. The "best" answer is the one most responsive to the salient facts in the question. The last sheet of the exam is an answer sheet for ques-tion one. Detach that sheet and answer the problems on it. You must turn that sheet in before you leave. You may leave when you complete the first part.

3. The second and third parts of the exam must be typed  do not write anything by hand on the exam, including exam numbers.

4. Begin a new page for each question answered.

5. Each page must contain your exam number, and a page number. Do not staple anything.

6. Do not worry about correcting typos or spelling. I cant type and cant spell. Fear nothing about handing in real drafts.

7. Do not discuss any issues not raised in the course.

8. There is a word limit for the second and third questions. For question two, use no more than 1000 words. For question three, 750 words (3.1 excepted).

9. Very important: You may use any material that you like to take this exam, with two critical exceptions: (1) do not plagiarize, and (2) do not cut and paste from computer files written or compiled before the exam.

-- Anonymous, January 07, 1999


You must go to Austin West to pick up the exam. Go there in time to begin the exam at 9 a.m.

-- Anonymous, January 13, 1999

Are we supposed to just show up at Austin West at 9 am, at which point we'll be able to pick up a copy of the exam and start working on Part I, or do we still need to go to the Ropes-Gray room at 8:30 (as per the original Exam schedule sheet handed out by the registrar) to pick up the exam and then walk over the Austin West to take the objective section there?

Can anyone clarify? Thanks!

-- Anonymous, January 10, 1999

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