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I am considering buying a Linhof Super Technica 4 with two Lens, a 90mm and 150mm for $2000.00. I verified the cams and lens numbers and they all match the camera. The camera is in excellent condition and the lens are in great shape. My question is, will I able to get cams for the range finder if I fit the camera with my 210mm 5.6 Schneider.

-- Belden L. Fodran (, January 06, 1999


What 90 and 150? And yes linhof still grinds cams for the 4 or just about any good machinist can make you one or with a lot of luck and trial and error you might be able to find one that matches the numbers, and or works. Try or i'm sure they'll know who to contact. I don't use my rangefinder that often but sure love it when i do, so i understand why you want one.

-- Triblett Lunger-Thurd (, January 07, 1999.

Yes we can grind cams for the IV as it takes the same cam as the Master.

For full information call Linhof Service. 973 808-9626 in the U.S

-- bob salomon (, January 07, 1999.

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