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Well it looks like Gary North has a competitor.

Check out Hilarious.

-- bobcat (, January 06, 1999


Poor Gary; everyone picks on him. He seems to be reaching new heights in his frenzy lately. I'm sure this won't help.


-- jhollander (, January 06, 1999.

What a blast! ROFLMAO. Thanks for sharing.

MoVe Immediate

-- MVI (, January 06, 1999.

I don't know when I have seen anything more hilarious! The more you know about Gary North and his web site, the funnier it is!!

-- Jack (, January 06, 1999.

Here's another one - HARRY NORTHWEST! Not as funny, but cute. Might be good for DGI's. He shows visual proof of Y2K screwups.

-- @ (@@@.@), January 06, 1999.

Thanks!!!! I fell off my chair reading that Gary South site, it is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Even though I take y2k somewhat seriously, it is great to see such a funny parody.

-- Sam Spade (, January 07, 1999.

Bobcat, I must add my thanks also! And thanks to whoever wrote that hilariously funny site!!! What a sense of humor!! I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face! Guess I can throw out the ole New Year's resolution to go on that diet!!! LOL

-- Donna in Texas (, January 07, 1999.

Great parody. Check it out!

-- Kevin (, January 07, 1999.


Christopher M. you are to be congratulated!


-- Diane J. Squire (, January 07, 1999.

Isn't it amazing that someone would PAY to register that domain plus whatever ISP fees and the time spent writing it? Well...I'm glad they did! VERY amusing...

-- pshannon (, January 07, 1999.


-- Mark (, January 07, 1999.

Heres your hotlink.

And remember, all URLs need to be registered with InterNic. The Who Is database is a wealth of info.

-- Diane J. Squire (, January 07, 1999.

Diane, thanks, but hotlink doesn't work. Can you try again?

-- Mark (, January 07, 1999.

Hot link:

-- Jack (, January 07, 1999.

Jack, thanks guy, that one worked....toooo funny ....I wonder if it is really North's new site? Perhaps he flipped out and went nutz????

-- consumer (, January 07, 1999.

No, consumer, I don't think so. The domain is registered to some guy in San Francisco. is registered to "Point Five Covenant Limited Partnership, Tyler, TX 75701"

Unless, of course, the real Gary moved to the Castro district in SF as part of a "change in lifestyle." Naaa...

-- pshannon (, January 07, 1999.

Gary prefers the masculine look. Now living in SF's 'South Of Market' neighborhood.....

-- (, January 07, 1999. belongs to a guy named Christopher. I checked him out on internic's database and sent him an email to comment on his hilarious site, and also comment on his guts (worrying how some North fan might go to...extreme..ahem). He said he's well aware of this possibility and took it into acount. He said he's already got quite a number of hate mail.

Too bad not everyone can appreciate the subtle beauty in this kind of parodies.

-- Chris (, January 08, 1999.

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