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Where can I locate information on the Y2K readiness of Manila Intl Airport and the air traffic control systems that support the airport.

My company has a plant in Cavite City and I have the responsibility for logistics. Our carrier may be Y2k compliant but if the airport and air traffic control systems are not ready we will experience delays and loss of revenue.

-- Lisa Runde (, January 06, 1999


The Air Transportation Office is responsible for the air space, runway/taxiway. Their Y2K efforts are on-going. You can send your inquiries via fax.

Asst. Secretary Jacinto F. Ortega, Jr. Attn: Engr. Andrew Basallote (Y2K Proj Officer) Fax: +632 831 2692 Phone: +632 833-2661 (Engr. Basallote)

Once the plane hits the ramp, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) takes over. For your Y2K inquiries, call up +632 877-1109 (it will ring a lot of times so please be patient), then look for Mr. Angelo de Castro of MIS.

(The above info is now available at

-- Manuel Viloria (, January 06, 1999.

You are right Lisa, BUT are you sure that your carier and/or the airport and air traffice control systems are y2k compliant. If you are genuine in your efforts to make sure they are both y2k compliant let me send you information on a product that willdefinately make sure they are y2k compliant.

-- AJ Walker (, January 06, 1999.

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