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Leska, et al. -

Looks like BPA is on time with remediation:

BPA and Y2K

Maybe one of you folks up in the Great Northwest can drop by BPA's booth at the Year 2000 Expo and have a little chat with 'em.

-- Mac (, January 06, 1999


The article says:

"The federal agency is on target for completing Year 2000 (Y2K) testing on its systems early this year. These tests show that the backbone of the Pacific Northwest's electrical system -- BPA's 15,000 circuit miles of high-voltage transmission line -- will continue to operate reliably and safely through the year 2000 and beyond."

How can the "tests show that the ...system... will continue to operate" when they haven't yet been completed, and won't be until the end of March? This sounds like irresponsible reporting to me. It should say "they believe that the tests will show that the system will continue to operate." More con-fidence than evidence. Where is the number of remediated systems that are back in production? What is their current line-to-bug ratio? What third party testing organization performed tests on the systems to verify compliance?

-- Reporter (, January 07, 1999.

"If reporters are interested in seeing the tests performed, they should call Crystal Ball at 503-230-5133."

Very funny. Crystal Ball projects Year 2000 testing, contingencies, and outcomes. We also read tea leaves.

-- Skeptical (chainpulling@BePleaz.All), January 07, 1999.

Mac, thank you so much for finding and posting that! Not sure if it's "Oh, all's fine, time to relax" but there are some interesting details. BPA supplies the power for Intel and HP, among other computing giants. We'll see. If we're not pinioned in death's clutches, we'll go to the Expo. Thanks!

Ashton & Leska in Cascadia, wanting the lights ON, natch

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-- Leska (, January 07, 1999.

Should have mentioned that credit for that link goes to David Bowerman over in the sometimes-criticized Pastor Chris Y2K Forum. I have family in the Northwest, so items like this are of extreme interest to me.

-- Mac (, January 07, 1999.

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