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Happy New Year. I was 'supposed to' be back on the 1st, but got stuck in Atlanta for 2 days after leaving San Diego. I do not wish to get a huge response like others get, but wish to share my experience about the airport there. Nice place, but......after 2 days of being stuck there due to weather, while in line with about 50 others, and right about the time the ticket agent finally showed up to help us to board the plane, the power went out......Talk about a fortaste of y2k, I had mine......ANGRY folks, California is on top of 'awareness' and I spent much time watching tv there in a hotel room. Aware, but they dont care seems to be the motto I encountered. I will say this much, I asked God and asked Him, "why?" while stuck there. After seeing how folks responded in that ticket line, I am on a new level of awareness. There was no nice there. Trust me folks. It will be ugly. Upon returning home here in Ohio, weather was REAL BAD....Grocery store shelves were nearly bare. As all herds had 'been there' to 'get' for the storm , scarey, you betcha.

-- consumer (private@aol.com), January 06, 1999


Sound just lovely. Like a Furby shipment arriving at a Toys r Us. Throw some guns into the mix and you would have had a blood bath.

-- Bill (bill@microsoft.com), January 06, 1999.

Welcome back Consumer.

"Grocery store shelves were nearly bare. As all herds had 'been there' to 'get' for the storm , scarey, you betcha. "

I got back from my trip to Canada on Sunday night myself, which took us 4 extra hours driving due to aweful road conditions, especially in New York mountains ( called 911 from my car phone twice for accidents encountered in that state, both weren't too serious fortunately.)

When we got back, we stopped to buy milk and breakfast supplies at a major convenience store chain; not a drop of milk or a single loaf left, even though there wasn't a drop of rain or snow anywhere, but they had predicted snow the day before which didn't happen. Reminded me of what to expect when anything actually will go wrong. Scary.

-- Chris (catsy@pond.com), January 06, 1999.

I hope you said hello to Blue Mountain Lake, and Old Forge for me, tee hee. Though you probably came down through Lake George and the Northway.

Chuck, who misses his mountains, even if they are little ones.

-- Chuck, night driver (rienzoo@en.com), January 07, 1999.

Hey ya Chuck.....I wasnt in Atlanta by 'choice' or California either for that matter. Although if i had my ruthers I would of been 'stuck' in California any day.....Beautiful place....Chuck, is it me or any one else noticing here in Ohio the bare shelfs at the grocery stores? I just went again today (what the heck, they know me by name in Finast teeeee heee)but my concern is the 'herd'. Could just be weather but I dont know...your thoughts please? BTW., cute story (and yes true) about being stuck in Atlanta, I ran out of xanex and called a CVS store there. Pharmacist says to me, come on over I'll give you a couple for today. I had a refil, but would have lost the 2 others cuz gov regulates only 1 transfer to another state. I took a cab from the Westin Hotel, and the guy 'gave' me 6 pills. He was so nice. I was beyond panic anyhow at that point and was shaking. He did not charge me for them and told me "I was up in Cleve once and loved it, maybe next time I come you can take me to dinner?" Too sweet...but my hubby wouldnt like that. I took the medicine though.....LOL....

-- consumer (private@aol.com), January 07, 1999.

consumer - my finast has empty grocery store shelves too. i was wondering - weather or y2k? but then i started to take note of the smaller things. beans beans beans - the shelves are absolutely bare. small bags of rice are gone too. the larger ones are still stocked on the shelves. soups - plenty of them. so, in conclusion, i'm still curious - but the hairs on my neck raise just a bit. walmart, too, odd things are happening. even before the winter storm of last week-end, the oil lamps shelves were shockingly spare. after the storm - nadda. no lamps, no wicks, only a few small containers of oil. even the glass globes were almost gone. why would people want spare globes for a winter storm? i am tempted to say the awareness is on the rise in cleveland...

-- Christine A. Newbie (vaganti01@aol.com), January 07, 1999.

Hey everybody;

There are a few occasions of "shelf space available" even down here in the land of "Mardi Gras". And I'm not talking about the usual hurricane type clean outs. That season is over with.

I have noticed that the needful things go away faster than the fluffery.

I hope that all y'all up in "The Mistake on the Lake" stay warm. My "baby girl" (26 years old) is up in Chicago and is now learning why it's called the "Windy City". Lots of dandruff there too.

At least I don't have to shovel rain.

See y'all in the springtime.


-- sweetolebob (La) (buffgun@hotmail.com), January 08, 1999.


LOL, I'm getting ready to hurl one of Diane's fruitcakes atcha babe. Lol. The weather here is AWFUL....I do believe it is weather related Christine, but havent checked on the bean aisle. I dont get the bean idea anyhow, it takes alot of water to make them and they have to be used quick. I'm southern. BTW, Sweet, I used to live in the Chicago area.......OHHHHHH babyyyyy it gets COLD there in early Sept, then I couldnt even afford a pkg of kool aid. Expensive. Hope your baby gets outta there before the rollover.

-- consumer (private@aol.com), January 09, 1999.


>>Hope your baby gets outta there before the rollover.<<

Me too Ma'am. Me too.

Thank you, and all of y'all up there stay warm and watch out for the "ice worms" and "snow snakes". Especially you Chuck (the night driver)


-- sweetolebob (La) (buffgun@hotmail.com), January 09, 1999.

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