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Greetings all. More questions on Chronophasia..... What are people's ideas on WHAT what happening? Here is my theory. Calodin is a city of scientists. I kinda assumed that they were independent of Bregna or Monica, hense why both Trevor and Aeon had to hunt to find it.

Trevor either heard about the Human Happiness Project or got Calodin to work on it for him.

Aeon, either under orders from Monica or on her own mission, arrives to rescue the test subject (the baby) from the city.

Ok......that's all set up. Now she falls into the caves where Calodin is. Everyone is dead. There is the Boy and the Baby. The city's seals have been broken. Then all hell breaks loose.

Aeon is killed and reborn over and over again (I've always seen this as a symbol of her constant rebirth for every episode). She thinks it's the Baby.......but then she figures out that it's actually the Boy.

Aeon to Boy: "You were the test subject. You were the one I came here for."

Boy: "No. It was her (pointing to the sleeping Baby).......I was here before....before they came here with their experiments. A virus that causes Human happiness.

Aeon: "So you killed them."

Boy: "All except you."

Aeon: "What do you want?"

Boy: "You."

Aeon: "Me?"

Boy: "It has always been you."

Aeon: "Always?"

Boy: "My time is not your time."

OK! is what I think. The Boy is actually some creature from the 4th dimension or something......he is some being who is not restricted to just one timeline. Like the Wormhole aliens from DS9. He lived there when the scientiest built Calodin. Then he killed them....but let the Baby live..."this one remembers it's function....which all the rest have forgotten"....and Aeon live.

He wants Aeon......but "not like that".... He is a child. He wants a "MOTHER". are my questions.....what are your thoughts. Not only that......but what is the test tube? What is in it? What does it symbolize?? What does the Baby symbolize?? What does the Boy symbolize??

WHAT?! Ok.... ;-) Type away....

-Councilor Plutar Circavus, Monican Executive Council-

-- Plutar Circavus (, January 05, 1999


>He wants a "MOTHER".


>what is the test tube?

The 'happiness virus'. Aeon smashes it, releasing it. The boy gets his happy life.

Now whether the virus actually works or is just symbollic is a different matter. The Boy could have just smashed it himself if it were the former. Instead, Aeon captured the vial, happiness, but gave it up willingly. After seeing some of the possible 'happy endings', such as life with Trevor, it seems that at that moment, the only thing that would make her happy was getting out of that loop and in to a stable reality, even if were a reailty which existed only to please the Boy.

-- Philip Mills (, January 09, 1999.

As my predecesor has stated, the vile IS the happiness virus. When the boy says "To you I bequeath my inheritance", a droplet of blood transfers his duties and powers to Aeon for a moment, she feels what it is to be on all timelines at once. She screams to relinquish it, but I think it merely stops her visibility of it. She still retains the powers. SO, when she and The Boy both want a reality, their combined powers are enough to alter several realities. The Baby was merely a method for The Boy to catch Aeon. We will never know just how much he manipulated for Aeon. ~felix

-- felix (, January 31, 1999.

I doubt if anyone except Charlie will get this one. Oh but if some of you do, thats great! Maybe the boy is a Tralfamadorian, in an altered from, with out the green hand-like appearance, and eye-in-palm. Yeah right, but it certainly seems to be living in the manner of Vonnegut's alien creations.

-- Owen Black (, February 01, 1999.

catch me at now

-- Owen Black (, February 01, 1999.

I think the boy existed both inside and outside the timestream at once. This would allow him to go anywhere and anywhen he chooses. He then gives Aeon this ability because he needs friendship and sees Aeon as the source of what he wants.

-- Keith G. Redhead (, February 11, 1999.

Actually this probably won't clear anything up, but I read that, in an interview, Peter C. got really upset because in this episode he origionally wanted Fon to wakeup in a puddle of blood,(he explained the symbolicness of it, but I can't remember) but MTV made him change it to a mysterious liquid.... If you think of the puddle as blood, then something seems to make sense, but for now I don't know what. I believe that this whole episode takes place in Fon's mind... the baby is her killing, and guilt. The last scene with the boy, I think, is her sense of wanting to mother. (Every woman has at least one time when they just wonder what it would be like. Fon is a woman.) As for the timeline stuff, I really can't think of an explination except that maybe he is that "Eternity" mentioned in the Demiurge. This is her trying to cope with it. This episode is very strange and I think it is one of my top 3, because it has so much area for explination.

-- George Abbott (, July 02, 1999.

My opinion? Pretty much the same as what Philip and Felix said. I seem to remember Caloden being referred to as a lost city. Could it predate the split of Berognica into Monica and Bregna (if you buy into the theory that they were once united.) Was it ever a part of either of them?

I think Caloden was independent. But I'm shaky on how long ago the experiments started - whether it's an old legend that turned out to be true, or if it only became a 'lost' city more recently.

-- Stephen Fuller (, January 22, 2000.

Well, speaking honestly, I guess, the boy just had Aeon Flux (for what reasons whatsoever flipping through all possibilities: once the vile contained no virus, but the flu, then the virus just created madness, which Trevor had been infected by, then the baby just was a killer, and killed all of them - until, at last, the vile contained the virus. Once the virus was freed, the boy could link to Aeon (as it was supposed to do) and so he had her, like he wanted her - connected in mind...

So much about this strange plot of chronophasia - regarding the blood I am still pondering, yet having no conclusion...

-- Mr Noys (, February 15, 2000.

This episode is the top of my list of strangness. It seems to have complex realities that i cant seperate. But what I get from it is that the vile has nothing to do with the story. I mean didn't he say that the virus didn't work (trevor) he didn't think it ever did? And if it did work why did all those men not achieve "happyness". Why would the boy kill all but the baby, because she symbolizes some kind of innocence? another question why is she so god damn fat did I miss something in that episode? Well back on track, as for the boy I agree with the idea that he's from some other world. Because if he lived down there (was always there) why didn't any one know about him? I could go on and on with questions about this episode but I won't. Oh I hate the ending Aeon can't be a stupid house mom that's just wrong!

-- (, February 16, 2000.

It drives me crazy that I still don't understand what they were thinking when they made this episode. By the way, the stuff that the boy says "composite things are like dreams... they are thus to be regarded", that's right out of the Diamond Sutra (Mahayana Buddhism), plus a bunch of other stuff that they added about brain tumors and ice cream sundaes. Anyway, hasn't Peter Chung ever explained this episode to anyone in the media? That's just cruel if he hasn't. Basically, the boy is outside of time, while other people perceive time as being linear, he sees that there are a possibly infinite amount of what you could call parallel universes (??) strung together in a chaotic way. Things happen one way in one timeline and another way in another. Probably it goes on forever. When the boy says that he was there before the experiment started, is he telling the truth or not? I cannot answer that question. It would semi-make sense either way, I guess. If he was there before the experiment, he killed the people who were working on it, using his power over time. God knows what the deal is with the baby, why it's so powerful. It seems like he was waiting through all the different possible ways that things could happen, until, eventually the timeline comes where Aeon falls down into the cave, and specifically the timeline where she gives in to him. Notice how improbable all of it is, Aeon dropping that box at exactly the right time, falling into that weird hole... I think that the events in the episode could have happened millions of times before the boy got the outcome he wanted. But he is not impatient... The extent to which the virus is for real, or just a red herring, I don't know. I guess I agree with the people above who said that in some timelines/realities the virus is for real (specifically the final one)and in others it's BS. But really it's totally unexplained either way. How do they go from being snow statues to being middle class folks in an obviously non-Bregnan suburb? Is it some kind of delusionary fantasy? A reality which the boy gains the power to create? Are the other people at the ball game, etc. real, or did the boy create them to? Is it some kind of alternate world that exists on some other plane or something? How were they actually reborn into this other world? Was Aeon born as like a middle-class baby, grow up, get married, have a son, and then the son is the rebirth of the boy? Or does the reality just congeal around them somehow? Does Trevor eventually find those snow statues, or is all time in that dimension frozen along with them? Arrgh! This episode drives me crazy. But I love it. I've probably watched it more times than any single TV show.

-- James Green-Armytage (, June 15, 2004.

wow "Tralfamadorian". gotta go look that one up. i've been thinking about this episode again. i like how everyone's input here clarifies the overall picture. i tend to agree with many the general sentiments. i also had the impression that the boy experiences time differently.

however, i was left with the impression that time was jolting backwards, and that's what was making aeon feel so sick, while killing the others. i think the females are immune to this, but i'm not sure. there's that whole mitochondrial DNA thing, as well as conception. the liquid reminded me of the fluidity of childbirth, since Aeon keeps being reborn in it. amniotic fluid?

my idea about the baby being so big made me think that it had been modified by the scientists. i also thought that time was perhaps being fed by the boy(/alien?) to the baby.

maybe some kind of test tube baby being experimented upon with the happiness virus. who knows. pretty classic work this animation.

-- Day of Brahma (, November 04, 2004.

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