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I finally got a response from the government regarding the w2k and correctional facilities. I thought you all would be interested in seeing what the response was. HOPE they are right. Here it is:

Subj: y2k and correctional facilities -Reply Date: 99-01-05 08:28:13 EST From: (Pete Jones) To:


Although I have no information about State prison system's Y2K compliance, I can assure you that all Federal systems are in compliance. Most locking and perimeter security devices that have date/time embedded chips will function without error. The embedded date/time chips are generally used for automated incident reporting. They will continue to function properly, although the printed reports may have erroneous dates.

Most manufacturers of these systems are busily providing Y2K compliant updates to the user community.

On the other hand, the Federal Bureau of Prisons has sufficient contingency plans at all locations to move to manual systems in the event of some incident that is Year 2000 related should occur.

-- Beth Tams (, January 05, 1999


One more thing, can someone tell me why I can't drag and drop a link into this box to create a link? I know that others are creating a link in the textarea. Please HELP

-- Beth Tams (, January 05, 1999.

Uh, oh. A simple link, eh?

-- Critt Jarvis (, January 05, 1999.

So that only leaves emergency lights, power, heat, food, water, fire fighting, ventilation, sewage, and cleaning provisions (for the kitchens, cells, bathrooms, etc.)

No problem...

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw GA) (, January 06, 1999.

I've known several guys that have worked in prisons, and if the doors spring open and cons make a break for it, they're going to get shot, no question about it. I've also known folks who lived near a prison, and had prisoners run through their backyards from time to time. I've been to the range with them (Grandma: "'Mozambique': two in the belly and one in the beak!" ) So if the guards don't shoot these poor bastards, the neighbors will. If I were a con and had the choice between running on 1/1/2000 and eating bugs in the dark of my cell, Pappion-style, I'd take the bugs.


-- E. Coli (, January 06, 1999.

During deer hunting season two Fed prison guards were on my farm property to hunt. We had a conversation about y2k and I asked if they would kill the prisoners should "things" notfunction properly inside.Their reply was,"Hell no. We will let them kill themselves."

-- Betty Arnspiger (, January 07, 1999.

E.Coli, do I look OK?

MoVe Immediate

-- MVI (, January 07, 1999.

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