Utne Reader June 98

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Learning in the key of life

Education is a world many people automatically associate with college. I even find myself falling into this line of thinking although I don't think all education comes from a higher institution through the use of texts and tests. This article gives me the support I need in the feeling of ideas I have towards education. Overall the article explains that eduction is coming into contact with the world around us by using our minds to reflect before reaching and using the resources available to the best of their potential. Use what you know, who you know and what you have to expand or solve a problem. Education involves being an active member of society as we watch, gather thoughts, reflect and argue upon what is going on around us. And with this "education " process comes the word "love". If a person does not enjoy or find inerest in a topic or area then he/she must find other areas or methods to bring about the "love of learning." This "love" must be present if one is to "enliven" his/her mind to continue the learning process. This is seen in any classroom; if the students love what they are diong they "learn" much quicker and everyone can become or has the opportunity to be involved with or to continue on in education. As stated,"learning is the key of life", and this can be true for everyone. What do you want out of life and are you willing to work toward your goal. Education most often falls into the scheme but the team "education" is expanded to mean not only schooling but wordly contact. One must keep the love in the struggle to reach the goal and remember that (as the article states) that even if all your dreams are not complete if you find joy surrounding your life and you still reflect and argue you are continuing your education.

-- Anonymous, January 05, 1999

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