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the reason the DRUDGE story relatest to y2k is simple it looks as if SLICK willy is FINALLY gonna get causght with his FLY down ( figurativly speaking) due to an allegation( but I think is true being that the whitehouse staff has been instructed not to make denial statements to press ) that he is the father to a 13 yr old black boy by a former black prostitute !

Who by the way HAS taken a lie detector test and PASSED - they are waiting on the DNA. So how this related to y2 is this - this will be another extension of the monica lewinsky affair and the press will hype it up ... MEANWHILE Y2k will be attacking a at a much faster pace. So this is merely a diversion to take the american public OFF of Y2k. Personally I don't care it's not like NONE of the other presidents didn't have black children. Washington , Andrew Jackson, Lincoln were slave masters so who HAD children with their SLAVES ( Historically documented) so I don't see the big hub-bub NOR probably does the rest of the country. It's the politcians with nothing better to do.

But this we know when we need leadership and SERIOUS issues need to be dealt with politicians DO NOT want to DEAL that. SO .. this will be ANOTHER diversion from dealling with Y2k.



-- sean (venturer@interlog.com), January 05, 1999



I don't believe for a second that "...this is merely a diversion to take the american public OFF of Y2k."

It may be a diversion, yes, but it's more a diversion from reality than Y2K. Those people are NOT thinking seriously about this issue. They don't believe it will be much of a problem, and they certainly don't understand it. This is also not really "news." People have known about this for years. But, as you suggest, this will be one more excuse for a media feeding frenzy and our "elected leaders" to shirk their "responsiblities."

-- pshannon (pshannon@inch.com), January 05, 1999.

Sean, pshannon, I actually could see a "middle ground" possibility here. (I say "possibility", because who the heck knows???) I could see 1) Clinton & Co. do in fact understand quite well the Y2K problem, and are in fact deliberately keeping up the happy face, until the appropriate time to open up those Executive Orders that have been Just Waiting; 2) This new allegation is probably just happenstance, but indeed Clinton will take full advantage of its ability to sway the public's attention. (You don't get a name like Slick Willie for nothing, you know.) Its like in boxing: If you look for that knockout opportunity, it never comes; but if you just hang in there and are on top of things, then suddenly There It Is.

-- Jack (jsprat@eld.net), January 05, 1999.

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