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Good news?

R.A. Mann


NCUA's mission-critical internal systems are Y2K-ready

By PAUL GENTILE CU Times Associate Editor

ARLINGTON, Va.-The 12-month countdown to the Year 2000 has begun. As CUs around the nation increase their Y2K efforts, NCUA has reported that all seven of its mission-critical internal systems are Y2K-ready.

In a letter to FCUs, NCUA stated that "all internal agency-supported information processing systems now in production are Y2K ready." At press time, the agency had completed four levels of Y2K validation testing of its internal information processing systems.

-- R.A. Mann (, January 05, 1999



It is good news. I'll even go so far to say I could believe this story is true.


Bank runs later this year seem inevitable. Read the latest Gallup Poll to see what percentage of the public is planning to take ALL of their money out of the bank (realizing that less than two (2) percent of the public can actually do so): "Americans and the Y2K Millennium Computer Bug"

Of course, the public will only take their money out of the banks and credit unions if they see real failures later this year, and find out about government and business deadlines being missed left and right.

It's not that bank runs are inevitable; it's that real failures and deadlines being missed later this year, in my opinion, are inevitable.

By the way, who's paying you to start these "good news" threads that you've been starting?


-- Kevin (, January 06, 1999.


What on earth is wrong with reporting "good" news?

Is the CU compliance statement completely accurate? Probably not. Is it a bare-faced lie? Probably not.

We all need to apply critical thinking to _all_ information, not just that which conflicts with our expectations.

-- Lewis (, January 06, 1999.


If I seem on edge, it's because this was the fourth thread I had seen started by R.A. Mann along the lines of "Y2K is a problem, but don't you think it's over-rated?" (This isn't me quoting him; it's me characterizing the tone of the threads he starts).

I've seen this technique used a lot in the past month and a half by the troll or trolls on this forum. Look at these threads that Mr. Mann has started...

"IRS making it?"

"Euro Predictions"

"Small Town Water Systems an Easy Fix?"

If I'm misrepresenting Mr. Mann's position here, I'd be willing to apologize. However...

Mr. Mann, just what is your opinion on Y2K? How bad do you think it's going to be? How long will disruptions last? Do you think most everyone will finish remediation and testing before January 2000?

An enquiring mind wants to know.

-- Kevin (, January 06, 1999.

I am not a DGI. I have been aware and researching this problem for about a year now. I have been reading this forum since Nov. It simply ocurred to me to begin looking for positive news and to post it here as a counterbalance to the negative news everyone is providing. It seems that we may be able to step back and get a more objective look at y2k by giving all views a chance to be scrutinized. I wonder how many here look for forboding information, knowingly or unknowingly, just to bolster their own view??? I am going to attempt to look at the negative news in as much detail as I do the positive news.

My opinion of y2k? I have 3 years food, a water source, weapons and ammo, seeds, a large garden, chickens, etc. I have moved to an isolated 15 acres, 12 miles from a small town and 1 mile from a road or neighbor. R.A. Mann

-- R.A. Mann (, January 06, 1999.

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