Which filter system for LF?

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Please compare the following fliter systems, Lee, Hitech, Sinar, Lindahl and more if any other for LF in terms of wide angle capability, quality per price, price, accessories, filter interchangeability to other holders and anything else important. I'm looking at Lee and Hitech. It seems to be cheaper than Lee. Hitech has wide angle adapters but there is no 95mm wide angle adapter for a Schneider 72 XL (esp front mounting for ND grads). Lee doesn't make a wide angle holder. Is Lee/Hitech standard holder still good on wide angle lenses? I appreciate your input. Masayoshi

-- masayoshi hayashi (mhayashi@phys.ufl.edu), January 05, 1999


Not only does Lee make a wide angle adapter for virtually any lens, but if they do not stock, they will make it custom at what I consider very reasonable prices. I even had them make me an adjustable adapter that fits on a number of lenses that do not have threads or have damaged threads. They told me it would be no problem to get a wide angle adapter for the 72mmXL. Very accomodating and great standard and wide angle adjustable hoods. HiTech filters fit in Lee also, so you can buy any. I think Sinar filters are HiTech and they fit also. I love the system and use it on 6X6, 4X5, 5X7, 8X10, 7X17, and 11X14.

-- Rob Tucher (rtphotodoc@juno.com), January 06, 1999.

I use the Lee system with each of my 5 lens having an adapter permanently attached. This allows me to quickly install the filter holder and lens shade. My most used lens is a 75mm and I have never had any problems using the LEE filter holder or shade. Lee does offer a wide angle adapter, but I do not have one, nor am I sure what it is. My only complaint is that they do not offer any "lens covers" for their adapters for those who permanently attach the adapter to their lenses. I have made my own out of plasic pipe endcaps that work okay, but...

-- Stephen Willard (willard@lvld.hp.com), January 06, 1999.

I too use the LEE system and have found it more than adequate. I did have a problem when using my 90mm lens and the regular LEE holder. It would vignette in the corners. I tried the wide-angle adapter and it solved the problem. The difference is that the wide-angle adapter has the threads "set back" further allowing the holder to wrap around the lens rather than in front of it. Easier to see than explain. The idea of using an adapter for each lens sounds great but also expensive. I use a step-down ring (or is it step-up?)on each lens....from 77mm (largest filter size of my lenses)down to the appropriate filter size of each lens. Cheaper than adapters and I can use regular lens caps on each one. They are also useful when using regular circular filters (polarizer, warming, etc). One problem I have had with the longer length of the LEE filters is that at times they will hit the bottom of the camera bed...but then I just use the rise on the camera. Another thing I like about LEE filters is the wide choice of filters.

-- John Wiemer (Wiemerjo@slcc.edu), January 07, 1999.

Thanks all of you comments. If anyone could also mention any filter pouch for 4x4/4x6 filters to protect the investment, could you list it? It's hard to find. I know Sinar wooden boxes and a pouch which takes about 36? 4x4 filters but what about 4x6 graduates? I don't think the wooden ones are good because they are not compact for outdoor. In B&H ad, I've also seen Lightware makes a filter pouch for 4x4 filters (which takes up to 6?) but doesn't take 4x6 ones. Or Any alternatives? Masayoshi

-- masayoshi hayashi (mhayashi@phys.ufl.edu), January 07, 1999.

Keep in mind that all the LEE 4x6 filters already come in a nice filter pouch. I have not seen a need to replace those. If that will not meet your needs, you may want to look at some of the Grip Strip accesories sold by Lithtware and Kinesis (listed in the commercial resources section of this forum).

-- John Wiemer (JFWiemer@aol.com), January 07, 1999.

Apology in the original question that "Lee doesn't make a wide angle adapter." Thanks for Rod correcting that. I checked Kinesis before I posted the question but Kinesis doesn't make a filter pouch (well, a combo of F103 and F102) for 4x4/4x6 filters. Here is the message I got from Rechard Stum at Kinesis gear:
From info@kinesisgear.com Fri Jan 8 17:20:49 1999 Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 18:50:06 +0000 From: Richard Stum To: Masayoshi Hayashi Subject: Re: F103 filter holder insert and F102/A200 Masayoshi, The F103 is slightly smaller than the F102 so it will fit inside it. Actually the current version of the F103 was sized to fit in an F101, which is an older and slightly smaller version of the F102. In other words, the F103 will fit in the F102 with room to spare. The next batch of F103s will be slightly larger (we sell very few of those, it will be late this year before I run out). In any case, the F103 will ONLY handle a round or square filter up to 82mm in diameter. A 4x4" filter is 100mm x 100mm so it will not fit. Visit the L.L. Rue site. I think they have a product made by GaraGear that might fit??? I don't know if GaraGear has a web site, but the last e-mail I have for him is garagear@teleport.com. Richard Stum Masayoshi Hayashi wrote: > > Regarding above items, does F103 & F102 combo accept 4x4 filters (even 4x6 > filters even though the web page says up to 82mm (less than 4")? I'm > asking this question because the F102 demension is 4.5"x4.5"x3". It > probably means the exterior demension, I assume. As far as I know, there > is no filter pouch for 4x4 or even 4x6 except from Lightware and Sinar. > Please make one! Regards, Masayoshi
Well, so I searched for a GaraGear pouch and it doesn't seem to accept 4x4/4x6 pouch.

-- masayoshi hayashi (mhayashi@phys.ufl.edu), January 08, 1999.

The last word should be filter, not pouch.

-- masayoshi hayashi (mhayashi@phys.ufl.edu), January 08, 1999.

I use and generally like the Lee system. I too have had problems with vignetting when using a 90mm lens and a "normal" adapter. I guess I'll have to get the wide angle adapter, which Lee didn't make when I bougt my stuff several years ago. If you consider a polarizer filter to be mandatory (as I do), you should be aware of the fact that the Lee polarizer cost about $150 when I bought mine several years ago and maybe more now. At the time I bought mine Lee was the only company that made a 4x4 polarizer so if you wanted to use a polarizer with the Lee system you had to buy theirs. Maybe Cokin or somebody else makes a less expensive 4x4 polarizer today, I've had no need to check.

-- Brian Ellis (beellis@gte.net), January 08, 1999.

Does anyone know whether the Lee holder with wide angle adaptor will work without vignetting on a 65mm lens, or is this too much to expect? Maybe Hitech's special wide-angle holder would work better than Lee's system in this case. Has anyone checked this out?

-- Stewart Ethier (ethier@math.utah.edu), January 12, 1999.

I got a L.L. Rue catalog No.14 today and guess what? They sell a 4"x6" filter pouch made by Gara Gear. I previously said that Gara Gear did not seem to make one but this was wrong. Richard Stum at Kinesis was right.... But L.L.Rue site www.rue.com doesn't have the infomation about this product. So I just quote exactly what's on L.L.Rue catalog No.14 (p15).
4" Square to 4" x 6" Glass or Resin Filter Hip Pouch and Circular Polarizer Hip Pouch: These pouches hold filters up to 82mm. They are designed to hold filters vertically and to be worn on your belt or hip. The 4" x 6" model has padded dividers which allow it to hold five filters and the smaller polarizer pouch holds two filters. A Velcro© flap closes the top of both pouches and protect the filters for carry and storage.
The price on the catalog No.14 is advertised as $29.95 for a 4"x6" Filter Hip Pouch and $14.95 for a Polarizer Hip Pouch. Their e-mail is rue@rue.com and phone # is (800) 734-2568 (Orders only) or (908) 362-6616. The 4x6 pouch attaches to the hip through a belt so I probably have to figure out the best way to attach the pouch to a Kinesis belt. If anybody has experience with this Gara Gear 4x6 filter pouch on a Kinesis belt, please let me know your feedback. Masayoshi

-- Masayoshi Hayashi (mhayashi@phys.ufl.edu), January 14, 1999.

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