Drudge Site Taken Down By The Feds

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The Feds have taken Drudge offline for what they say is a cover for kiddy porn.

Gee the news service that broke every story about Clinton and his nasty ways gets taken down....

-- Jim (waterbaby@yahoo.com), January 05, 1999


Just logged onto drudgereport. It took four tries, but I got there...

-- pshannon (pshannon@inch.com), January 05, 1999.

Jim Where did you get this info? Did a search, nothing found to indicate that is so. There have been many times I have hit the site and found nothing, ie, "Drudge is in the field and will file a report when conditions warrant." or even a "file not found response". Please, a little hard data would go a long way.

Thanks, Rusty

-- Rusty Ford (eeford@bellsouth.net), January 05, 1999.

Just went there, sure looked normal to me... Well, at least you took my mind off y2k for a couple of minutes. Was that the intention?


-- Rusty Ford (eeford@bellsouth.net), January 05, 1999.

A little reality testing is needed here, Jim. There are still a few things the Federal Government can't do, however much it might like to.

-- Ned (entaylor@cloudnet.com), January 05, 1999.

I've been trying to get to Drudge all day and have not gotten through.

-- JR Fent (JRF@CO.CLARK.NV.US), January 05, 1999.

I can get to the home page but not the top 2 news stories.

-- Gary (gnb@co.clark.nv.us), January 05, 1999.

Would someone please post a link to the Drudge page?

-- Chris (catsy@pond.com), January 05, 1999.

Drudge Report

-- Craig (craig@ccinet.ab.ca), January 05, 1999.

The Drudge Report site is just extremely busy guys!!!!!!!!

Why the continual "conspiracy" paranoia.......It's getting boring.

-- Craig (craig@ccinet.ab.ca), January 05, 1999.

Jim's just a little kid, running around, having fun.

You know, they're looking for smart kids like you in North Korea, Jim.


-- E. Coli (nunayo@beeswax.com), January 05, 1999.

Jim: Liar, liar, pants on fire!

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.com), January 05, 1999.

Drudge is about as reliable as - and very similar to - the London tabloids. Sometimes they break a real story, more often they either rehash old news in a new format - or they just make something up. Rotten reporting.

-- Paul Davis (davisp1953@yahoo.com), January 05, 1999.

Just tried it...got in first try. Downloaded the headline article.

0350 UT


-- JJ (soldier105@hotmail.com), January 05, 1999.

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