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Does anyone know if you can bake bread in a solar cooker?

-- zannee (, January 05, 1999


this is the solar cooking archive... hope it helps

-- michael (, January 05, 1999.

Zannee, My friend's mother in AZ has baked banana & zuchinni bread in her solar cooker. Yeast bread should do fine. The trick is to cover the bread pan with a lid - either another bread pan or tin foil. This keeps the moisture from soaking the bread during cooking. Try removing during the last 30? minutes t brown. I've cooked stew in my solar cooker in western SD in the fall, turned out great.

Countryside magazine had great articles on making a solar cooker and several recommended receipe books in their Sept./Oct. issue (Ithink that's the one.) I got the books through my library and copied what I needed. Have fun.

-- Norma McNair (, January 05, 1999.

Use this and search solar cooking

-- Bubba (, January 05, 1999.

Just an uninformed question -- isn't baking bread in a solar oven pretty much weather-limited? Clouds, no joy; cold temperatures and sun, likewise. Both conditions frequently occur (and often persist) in much of this country.

-- Tom Carey (, January 05, 1999.

Cold temps don't matter much on a sunny day for a solar oven,..not at least until it gets quite cold. I have cooked a casserole on a 45 degree day. Strong sunlight or bright overcast will do...the design and size of the oven is important,..and a good thermometer is a must. The oven I have will reach 350 degrees F internal temp. I live in sunny S. California, and suspect the southwest and southern US are some of the ideal places for cooking most successfully with the solar ovens. Only tried mine out a couple times so bread yet, ...guess I should give that a try soon.

-- Donna Barthuley (, January 05, 1999.

Donna...Good to know that a solar cooker [oven] will reach temperatures of 350 degrees,thats the temperature I want to bake my bread. Live in So California too. Trying to get ready for a year from now.

-- zannee (, January 05, 1999.

Since we're on the subject, does anyone know anything about the cooker at the above site? It looks intriguing, but expensive. I believe it mentioned 500 degrees.

-- mike roach (, January 05, 1999.

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