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I am preparing to perform my first installation on an Athearn GP9, with SW's next. I understand the isolation, wiring, etc. but I am confused on where to mount the circuit board. I am using Northcoast boards and some Digitrax DH83's. The Northcoast are used on the GP9's with a forward/backward light arrangement. If I mount on the inside roof of the cab, my wires hang loose possibly getting affected by the moving motor parts. Any suggestions?

-- Bob Janesak (, January 05, 1999


Mounting the decoder to the shell makes for the delima. Your need long wires so you can take it apart Use a Wangrow DH157A decoder made specifically for Athearn locos. The circuit board is made to mount directly on top of the motor, and has extensions to hold new front and rear lamps. Dropped right into my GP9. Use a 1/4 inch fast-on tab to pick up power from the trucks. Clips right on to the existing metal tabs. Pick up the left wheels at the front frame light clip. You might also try using a NorthCoast D102 attached to the top of the motor. Glue it directly to the motor brush copper strap. There are no parts or electrical pcb runs on the back side of the decoder. Trim decoder wires to length. [You already said you knew about insulating the motor.]

-- Don Vollrath (, March 24, 1999.

hey i don't what your system is but i am using mrc prodgiy unit which work find for my 12 by 12 layout and my yard had the two geep9 im use the digitrax dh123d which has two function light and motor the i went to the electronic store and bout bag of yellow led light the i bought from chaney electronics stock c3287 led flasher kit built it and glue it on slight angle behind or forward of the motor and i wired it into with headlight .. you might loose you headligth because of voltage draw with all the exart wire use old strip wire from electic wire or srink tube which work great

-- john hunt (, September 27, 2004.

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