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I have been playing VCDs on XingMPeg and it does come out fine on the PC monitor. However I also have a MiroVIDEO DC30+ capture card with TV output. I need to receive VCD image to my TV. Can anyone tell me how to put VCD image into TV output of capture card? What kind of software should I use? I hope someone could offer some advice. Thank you.

-- Igor A.Birioukov (, January 05, 1999


You souldn't need any software. The manual that came with the card should tell you how to use the TV as a moniter. Then mearly set the video to full screen using your copy Xing. That should gve an extreamly good high quality image.

-- Jonathan Dale (, January 09, 1999.

You can only display an avi file on miro DC30+ so if you can convert the .dat file or .mpg you have on your vcd you can do so. you can use any program supports both formats (avi & mpg) I think (Ulead video studio) do.

-- Hany (, January 09, 1999.

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