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Some of the pollyanna's tell us to prepare for Y2K like a bad winter storm or a hurricane. The U.S. just had a bad winter storm on the 98/99 rollover. If we have a bad winter storm during the 99/00 rollover, should we prepare like a hurricane hitting after a bad winter storm? Has this ever happened before? If so what do you do for that?

Hmmm, lets electricity, freezing cold, and then your damn house and all belongings are blown away.

MoVe Immediate (who has experienced both, but not simultaneously)

-- MVI (, January 04, 1999


Montreal and Quebec had a severe ice storm hit them in January 1998. Anyone interested in how people deal with bitter cold, no electricity, and people's reactions should check out this link:

This isn't an article. It's someone's personal account of how they dealt with this situation.

-- Kevin (, January 05, 1999.

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