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Community Celebration - Grade Proposal

-- Anonymous, January 04, 1999



Facilitators: Kevin Dowty, Jerry Hilfer, Howard LaVigne, Dawn Schindeldecker, Karen Swenson, Mary Beth Tuohy

Objective: To provide an evening of family fun in a safe and caring environment.

Key roles: As facilitators we organized the format regarding games, activities, food, volunteers, schedules, location, and advertising. The following games and activities were provided: * Pocket Lady - A student wearing a dress containing pockets filled with prizes. * Dart Game - Rubber-tipped darts are thrown at balloons on a dart board. * Fish Pond - A fishing rod with an attached clothespin is cast over a back- drop where prizes are hooked. *Bean Bag Toss-A clown board where bean bags are tossed through the clowns mouth for a prize. *Turtle Bowl - A type of bowling game where each child receives a prize. *Spongeball Shoot- A ping pong ball is shot off the top of a pop bottle by a nerf arrow. *Dumm Dumm Tree- A foam tree of dumm dumm suckers are removed for prizes. *Ring the Pop - Plastic hoops are thrown over bottles of pop for the pop. *Bingo- Bingo played for cash prizes. *Face Painting - Pictures are painted on childrens faces with makeup.

*Duck Pond - A duck is chosen from a water table and appropriate prizes are given. *Bean Bag Tic Tac Toe- Bean bags are tossed at a tic tac toe board. *White Elephant- Wrapped gifts are sold as prizes. *Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin- A blindfolded child tries to pin a paper nose on a paper pumpkin attached to the wall. *Can It- Small plastic chips are tossed into cans attached to a large board. The following refreshments were sold: sloppy joes including pickles and chips, popcorn, snow cones, pop, cotton candy, and various baked goods. Synopsis: During the first week of October the facilitators met to organize the celebration. At that time we divided the lists of games and activities among us. Each facilitator was in charge of making posters advertising the celebration as well as making posters for each activity and game. Each facilitators classroom made invitations and delivered them to the K-2 students in our school district. We then made a schedule. Each game required two student volunteers assigned to work 45 minute slots. These volunteers were students from our classrooms. Parents of the students were also scheduled to supervise the sale of baked goods.

The afternoon of October 29th was spent setting up the gymnasium and cafeteria for the games and activities, filling up helium balloons, preparing the tables for the baked goods, and putting up posters for game identification. The Community Celebration was held from 5 - 7p.m. that evening. Volunteers arrived at 4:00 to sell tickets, price baked goods, prepare sloppy joes, and make popcorn.

The celebration ran smoothly and was a huge success. The gym and cafeteria were filled with over 500 people for the whole two hour period. The facilitators acted as supervisors, overseeing the entire event. This included making sure students arrived at their volunteer stations promptly, had enough prizes for their games, and assisted in cleaning up after the celebration. Proceeds from the celebration amounted to $2000. This money will be used to help finance the sixth grade trip to St. Paul at the end of May as well as buy prizes and food for next years celebration. Community members and parents have shown their enthusiasm in requesting that the celebration be held each year. Even though this project is time-consuming, it gives us a sense of pride to know weve accomplished our objective which was to provide an evening of family fun in a safe and caring environment. It also helps us show our students the importance of caring for other community members as well as teaching them responsibility.

Submitted by Dawn Schindeldecker and Karen Swenson

-- Anonymous, January 05, 1999

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