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Good morning, everyone! Does anybody else have a New Answer screen problem? When I hit "New Answers" I get a totally snow-white blank screen. Fortunately the "New Questions" screen is normal. I previously had 'favorited' the New Answers addy, and that approach too delivers the blank screen.

Anybody else drawing a blank here? How can I fix it? Is it just my iMac? It was working an hour ago, then suddenly disappeared. Shut down, then rebooted, same problem. TIA.

Ashton & Leska in Cascadia, who don't like computer glitches ;-P

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-- Leska (, January 04, 1999


Humm. Not having that problem with my Mac, Leska.

Maybe contact Philip Greenspun , forum maintainer, for help?


-- Diane J. Squire (, January 04, 1999.

Thanks, Diane. Acckkkk. Must just be my puter or software. Tried testing it so many ways, figured others must be having same white-out. Will eMail Philip, thanks!

-- Leska (, January 04, 1999.


I'm getting a blank page on "New Answers" as well.

-- Texas Terri (, January 04, 1999.

It happens to me all the time when the traffic is heavy (like tonight). Usually when I refresh the screen.

MoVe Immediate

-- MVI (, January 04, 1999.

Wow! The Recent Answers screen is back. That's never happened before, the white-out, even when the server is busy & I refresh it. Then, it says, Server Busy, and some other stuff.

Now, it has this new writing at the top: "We're going to search the database for postings within the last seven days. Then we're going to ask the relational database to group these by the original question. Then we're going to ask the relational database to sort them so that the most recent answers come out on top. This can take a little bit of time... " It never had that there before, on mine. Whew, it wasn't my software going bonkers! What a relief! Thanks for the feedback everyone.

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-- Leska (, January 04, 1999.

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