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I agree with you when you say that education has too diverse a roll in the lives of children. I believe it would be impossible for a teacher to meet the basic needs of all of his or her students in the classroom. More than likely it would require fewer students in each class and a lot more time to interact with each individual. Teachers do tend to care about their students, but I know that it is frustrating when there is little time to get to know them. Glasser has some good ideas as far as making school work meaningful for students. I realized after reading this book that our schools and our society are very much into using coercion to motivate people. I'm not sure we as a society are able to change that quickly to a non-coercive approach. I hope we begin to move in that direction and certainly Glasser gives us some possible routes to take. Time will tell.


-- Anonymous, January 04, 1999

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