Y2K Home in Idaho

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Y2K Home in Idaho

We own 2 properties and are downsizing to prepare for the coming hard times. This is probably the sturdiest home in the county and a real prize. Get yourself out of an urban area, or just put your money into property instead of the bank.

- rural Idaho, heart of potato country (lots of spuds and grain in storage around here!) - 5000 square feet - plus a barn - plus a workshop - plus a 3-car garage - well - chimney and hearth for a wood stove - corral - 8.8 acres, includes good farming ground or can be prime building lots - supportive agricultural community of 10,000 that will pull together in any crisis (did so wonderfully through flooding in 1997) - home sits on small hill - asking $280,000; price is negotiable

If there are hard times, isolation will not save you, it will only make you more vulnerable. Personal preparedness alone will not save you if your neighbors are not prepared also. This is a community that will have a high state of preparation, a strong community spirit, and distance from large urban centers. That is what will succeed.

Come be our neighbors!

- e-mail andy@bfmed.com

-- andy bradbury (andy@bfmed.com), January 03, 1999

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