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need the web site for 10Q reports. Thanks

-- Taz Richardson (, January 03, 1999


You'll need to type in the name of the company you're looking, then follow the links to the reports.


-- Jeffrey G. Bane (, January 03, 1999.

I have been getting them from You need the stock symbol. Just go to the SEC filings box and enter the stock symbol.

MoVe Immediate

-- MVI (, January 03, 1999.

Thanks, I went to PCQUOTE. I cut this from the place where I work.

"Many of the Company's critical suppliers and vendors have indicated that they already are or will be Year 2000 compliant during 1999, and management has therefore determined there is no need for a contingency plan."

Does this sound a little weak to you? Or am I right and Y2K is a big non event.

-- Jimmy Bagga Doughnuts (, January 03, 1999.


Here's the first one I could find for you. I'll post some more in a little bit:

-- Kevin (, January 03, 1999.

Jim Bagga --

No Y2K will not be a big non-event. But it's not going to be the end of the world as we know it, either.

We can't just swallow all the corporate carpet-baggers with their "no problem" assurances....they all have agendas, such as 'maximizing the value of the firm' (stock price), lawsuits, public relations, et. al.

But by the same token we can't just swallow all the doomers' pronouncements at face value either. There is a lot of evidence that this event will be neither a '1' nor a '10'. The 'somewhere in between' scenario seems to be the one that most Y2K-aware people with a modicum of common sense are adhering to.

-- John Howard (Greenville, NC) (, January 03, 1999.


Here are some more links:

Yahoo! guide to SEC 10-Q utility filings:

Some compliance information on banks, telecoms, electric utilities and air travel:

-- Kevin (, January 03, 1999.

has anyone else noticed that food distributors have done through a great many mergers in the last few years? i've searched for 10k/10q for our food suppliers in abq and can only find kroger, albertsons have anything listed. it seems to me from all of the recent mergers that there must be only 5 or 6 food suppliers in the country s

-- Sharon Schultz (, January 03, 1999.

The 10-Q reports can give you a general idea that one company is spending more than another, but unfortunately they are far from realistic. The "good samaritan law" basically eliminates companies from any liability if their efforts do not accomplish their objectives, as long as they make some attempt to disclose their approach. When was the last time you saw an "honest" business? In the interest of keeping stockholders, most will keep their Y2K project estimates to the bare minimum that they can pass off as believable, with no penalty for doing so. We will be paying the actual expenses for many years to come.

Here is an example of one very brave company that claims they've got the whole thing licked, even though they are not even finished. (Notice the very last line of their disclosure!) In addition there is no mention whatsoever of how much it costs. Any stockholder in this company should be able to hold them liable for such a statement, but unfortunately it seems that the government is going to let them off the hook.

UNIDYNE has addressed the Year 2000 problem in regards to its accounting and financial systems by installing "in compliance" software at its Sabina subsidiary in the first half of 1998. The system is fully installed and functioning. The same system will begin to be installed at UNIDYNE's largest subsidiary, Dynamatic Corporation, on or about January 1, 1999, and is scheduled to be fully operational by March 31, 1999, or soon thereafter. UNIDYNE and its other subsidiaries has overcome the Year 2000 obstacle.

-- (, January 03, 1999.

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