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My father-in-law returned from China and purchased a Shenbao(chinese domestic co.) vcd player and voltage converter. The box said vcd 3.0, but the splash screen says vcd 2.0. Presumably, he was bamboozled by some unscrupulous seller.

Normal vcd's, videos, anime, and karaoke play ok; however, games seem to show a horizontal frequency incompatibility. The picture scrolls horizontally a high rate. The splash screen is ok, but the screen scrolls when a game is played. My tv doesn't have a horiz. hold control, but that shouldn't matter since this is something unrelated to a slight disturbance in frequencies.

The game vcd says it is vcd 3.0, as do many of the other movie vcds, which play nicely. Could the problem be an incompatibility with vcd interactive 3.0 format on the game cd and a vcd 2.0 format with the player?

-- Jason Hale (, January 03, 1999

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