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Any info on the Boss Screen for 4 x 5? I live in southern NM where it can get from 10 deg to 110. I've read that the screens are temp sensitive. In the summer could one store the screen in an ice chest til ready to use? How much does it cost? thanks Chet

-- Chet Wright (, January 03, 1999


Bosscreens are sold by Bromwell Marketing. The owner, Ted Bromwell, is a very nice guy and very helpful. You can get contact information from Bromwell's advertisements in "Shutterbug." I bought mine about three years ago and it cost around $150. It was the most expensive of the options I was considering but I thought it was well worth the price. Technically it isn't an enhancer in that it doesn't brighten the light but it is considerably better than a plain ground glass and is much easier to focus when using a loupe than is a fresnel lens. I live in Florida and used it during the summer, taking no precautions against excessive heat that I wouldn't take with any camera equipment, and had no problems. I certainly don't think you'd need to keep it in an ice chest unless you plan to drive to Death Valley in August and park for a few days with the camera in the car or something similar to that. If you normally take reasonable precautions against overheating film and equipment, I think those normal precautions should be sufficient for the Bosscreen.

-- Brian Ellis (, January 08, 1999.

Hallo everybody! Bosscreen is made by a Dutch company called "Stabilix"(I believe). They are a very small company and produce Bosscreens and other such things for overhead projection and so forth. I recently called them and they told me that they (surprise surprise) polish and re-coat lenses too!!!! This might be very helpful, but I'll tell the forum more when I have more information and experience about it. However I am very happy with their products and have been for the last 10 odd years. The company sells direct as well! Their telephone number is +31 (0)70 3970061. Very good value for money!

-- andrea milano (, January 12, 1999.

Two words: Get one. I just field tested mine out in the Owens River valley and I'd have to give it an unabashed 10+. Probably one of the times I can every say I totally like something without reservation. It was up in the low 90's there and no problems. Of course, it's a dry heat and you aren't directly exposing the camera back to the light as long as you keep your hood on. The other bonus was that, in low light I was able to do all of my work without using my hood at all!!!

-- Matthew Cordery (, June 15, 1999.

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