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"The Quality School" by William Glasser MD A response by b.trask

Is quality education raising test scores, getting more students through and keeping discipline problems low, or is it encouraging creativity in new behaviors that best satisfy our needs of survival, love, power,fun and freedom. Mr. Glasser believes the latter one to be true. He states the quality teacher should not use punishment in any way in order to never be taken out of the students quality world. Calling parents is an admission that the teacher can not handle the problem. A time out room is used at first for students with problems in breaking the rules. Then the teacher will confer with the student when s/he has time. To truly educate, a teacher must empower the students to take ownership of the material to be learned and concentrate on fixing any problems. Teachers are to act as good salespersons selling the curriculum, not forcing the sale as a boss manager would, making an adversary of himself with coersiveness.

Mr. Glasser has rules and a system of doing things that I enjoyed learning. By placing a student in a time out room indicates he still believes in justice which must have a moral basis to discern right behavior from wronge. What he has not realized is that our system is no longer based on justice, which dictates there must be a hierarchy of morality. Our new system is tolerance which mandates he can not impose his beliefs and values on others. The moment he cared enough to take action, he became antidiverse and a bigot, in the viewpoint of a multiculturalist. This new number one world virtue states the opposite of justice, in that everybodies values, lifestyles, beliefs and claims to truth are equal. That is why the Hispanic artist Surina was allowed to display a crucifix, degraded in a bottle of urn. It was considered a work of art,given a huge amount of money by the National Endowment of Arts and declared a work of tolerance. Imagine what would happen if an artist placed a rainbow, a symbol of gay sex, in the same way. Multi-culturalism does not mean racial equality.

The University of Minnesota has a sheet of student organizations. Under the column of religious organizations you can find the U.M. Aetheists and Humanists. The Harvard Gazette newspaper has also featured a humanist chaplene serving ethical nonbelievers, (July 9,1993). They recognize Humanism as a religion.

William Glasser, Carl Sagen and the others, say there is only the natural realm, and that's all there is. How do they know that? They don't. That is a religious statement. They have neatly erased God from the equation. Huge amounts of Western history is being removed. They say there are no absolutes. Are you sure, teacher? Absolutely! Eastern values are taking over our western world.

In 1987, the supreme court in Louisiana, ruled that only evolution could be taught in public schools, making the aetiestic nation. They have eradicated the Judeo-Christian position out of the classroom getting the supreme court to do their dirty work, and now you can only teach one model. It is the only one allowed. You can't even criticize evolution. What other science gets away with that? And they say they are objective and tolerant.

Allow discussion and different views back in the classroom or give the U.S. citizens the right to raise their children the way they want, with vouchers for freedom and justice.

-- Anonymous, January 02, 1999

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