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I have been looking at a used Sch. 210 f8, super angulon for sale. I have an 8x10 and been looking to move up to 11 x14 and I know this lense will cover 11 x 14. Will this lense cover anything larger than 11 x 14? Like 12 x 20? Also, is this lense generally hard to find used and is there much demand for them? And what might be a good price range to buy it?

Second question: I'd like to experiment with portraits on 11x 14, I own a 20 inch B&L tele, f5.6. How much bellows draw might I need on 11 x 14 to get in really close, like head and shoulders?


-- Colin Seaman (dq467@freenet.carleton.ca), January 02, 1999


Colin, That lens will cover two 11x14's, it covers something like 490mm at f8 and 500 at f22. But your obviously moving up in formats quickly so go ahead and get it. Just about everytime i see one advertised it is without a price and followed by the statement "serious inquiries only" so you're way out of my league as a non-super buyer. I covet such lenses but i can only afford to dream about them and the cameras they fit. Schneider lists the lens as $9600 U.S. B&H (the good doctor tells me) has a passle on sale for 5k plus change.

-- Triblett Lunger-Thurd (666@HELL.com), January 06, 1999.

P.S. Flange to film is 239.4mm and you can afford to hire nasa or the Esa to do your math on the extension.

-- Triblett Lunger-Thurd (666@HELL.com), January 06, 1999.

again crappy typing that's degrees on the circle.

-- Triblett Lunger-Thurd (666@HELL.com), January 07, 1999.

Roughly speaking, we are talking about 1:1 reproduction to get head and shoulders on these formats, which means a bellows draw of twice the focal length.

-- Alan Gibson (Alan.Gibson@technologist.com), January 07, 1999.

Don't know if you ever found one, but KEH had one listed this month for abot $2900.

-- sheldon hambrick (shambric@us.oracle.com), March 25, 1999.

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