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What degree of Zone system expansion and contraction can I expect with T-Max 100 ASA and 400 ASA and T-Max RS developer ? I am about to embark on a testing journey and thought it wise to inquire to those who have experience on this subject.

Also, has anyone experiemented with diluted T Max RS developer ?

Are there other film and developer combinations that you have enjoyed as it relates to Zone system applications ?

Thanks in advance.

-- Michael Kadillak (, January 01, 1999


As far as I'm concerned T-MAX 100 film developed with T-MAX RS can handle from N+3 to N-3. In my case N+2 and +3 makes rather dense negatives. But contrast expansion is easily obtained.

When contrast reduction is needed, I use diluted (1:15) T-MAX RS from concentrate, not from the stock, at 75 degree for 9-12 minutes development.

For N, N+1 and N-1, I use 1:9 developer. To cut developing time, I use 1:7 developer for N+2 and +3.

-- Shigehiro Ishii (, January 02, 1999.

As far as the dilution of T Max RS, I once read an interview article with John Sexton and he said that he uses TMax 100 rated at 80 & Tmax rated at 250 developed with Tmax RS with a 1:9 dilution developed for 11 minutes. I tried it and have been very pleased with the results. I have talked with Kodak and was advised to use Rapid Fixer because the Tmax films exhaust fixer rapidly. They also advised 30 sec agitation intervals. I fix with rapid fix for 8 minutes. If the film is not fixed properly it will have a magenta cast to it. I would advise asking Kodak to send you the technical specs on Tmax. It is loaded with info not normally spoken.

-- Patrick Kearns (, January 19, 1999.

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