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Here are Gary North's Y2K "contemplation" and "resolutions" as of 1/1/1999, the following of which are links to the postings on his web site (

GN's New Year's Contemplation

GN's New Year's Resolutions

-- Jack (, January 01, 1999


I hate to bring this all up, but this from a man who is still selling the option for a 2 year subscription to his newsletter. Expiration:01/2001. Unless he stops within the next few days I would really start to wonder about him. He will be selling a product that, in his own mind at the VERY minimum, he will be unable to deliver.


-- Rick Tansun (, January 02, 1999.

No problem Rick, Gary's planning on going postal on rollover :)

Seriously, Gary *is* IMHO doing a great job with his site, the links are easy on the eye and well organised...

BUT that 2 year subscription is bullcrap. As is taking out a 30 year mortgage now, or buying stuff with no payments 'til 2000! Pick and choose:)

-- Andy (, January 02, 1999.

Y2K will produce a simultaneous crisis. -- Gary North

Well yes, and no. Its more of a rolling crisis in 1999 with several hair-trigger points. At each point we have a new opportunity for getting it. January 1999 is the start the glitches surfacing in wierd and wonderful ways month.

Most small businesses, the owners and their employees will get that Y2K is something they need to pay attention to now. Personally and in order to stay in business. The newsmedia is starting to get it, too. Lot of plain folks are rolling out of bed this weekend, watching the news and starting to wonder how this computer thing will effect them.

The New Years 2000 rollover is the final crescendo. The question is, how well will we orchestrate preparations simultaneously with trying to fix as much as we can?

Who fixes all the potentially broken people? Us, thats who. Not the U.S. unless they get real soon.


-- Diane J. Squire (, January 02, 1999.

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