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Saw a new post in archives which wasn't at top of main list, but VERY IMPORTANT

Look in "Older Messages" (archives) under "Banking/Finance threads" for topic "GOLD -- for goldbugs only"

It's not for goldbugs only. The banking/monetary aspect of Y2K is only a small part of the banking/monetary problems.

You're being jerked around big-time.

Banking/montary knowledge could help both pre- and post-Y2K. (Post Y2K, if everything melted, when start over, -- DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES -- ALLOWING CENTRAL BANKING AND FIAT MONEY -- LIKE WE HAVE NOW)

-- Davey (, January 01, 1999


Scroll to bottom for the newer post mentioned -- clipped from Gary North's site.

-- davey (, January 01, 1999.

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