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"There doesn't seem to be anything out there that's going to scare the consumer in 1999," says DANIEL LAUFENBERG at AMERICAN EXPRESS FINANCIAL ADVISERS in Minneapolis. (NYT, 12/31)

WoW!!! Thats it. That does it. Are these people Stupid or what!!

"There doesn't seem to be anything out there that's going to scare the consumer in 1999"

Could someone offer a real explantion as to why 99% of the economic pundits are saying "all is well". Seriously. It angers me that these Punks are going to bankrupt some innocent families due to their own greedy, glassyeyed, greasy haired, scum of the earth ways.

Nothing is out there, no Y2K, no bankrupted Japan, no Brazilian recession, no Russian collapse, no Euro uncertainties, no global famine, no domestic political corruption, no Iraq war, no anything to upset the dumbed down,lollipop lipped, cocaine snorting, money worshiping, grass smoking brain the size of a marble, believe anything Im told average American.

Sorry to rant, but this is gone to far. And they call us "fear mongers". HA, at least we base our opinions of some researched facts. If the Y2K issues are real enough to seriously impact our way of life, I wish these folks could be held accountable for falsely representing present day issues just to INCREASE THEIR OWN STOCK VALUES AT OUR COUNTRIES EXPENSE. ww



Wayne, look at the end article of
Yardeni & Company?

You are happy, content, mildly restless, mildly competitive, mostly satisfied, docile, yes, relax, relax, relax. Nothing to fear, nothing to worry, no cares, no problems, everything's fine, just keep up with the Joneses. You must buy more, buy more, buy more, buy more, bye bye cares. Lull-a-buy. Lull-a-buy.

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx

-- Leska (, January 01, 1999.

You tell 'em Wayne!

May their Mercedes be non-Y2K compliant.


-- Diane J. Squire (, January 01, 1999.

A curse from Diane!

-- Leska (, January 01, 1999.

It's either that, or they "dazzle 'em with doublespeak"...take your pick.

-- Tim (, January 01, 1999.

Thanks Leska: From the above link>>

Yet Yardeni believes the Y2K computer problem will significantly slow the worlds economy. Thats important because not only is he apparently the sole economist on The Street who thinks that, hes apparently the only one whos putting in much time worrying about its broader economic effects.

Do you get the sense that theyre even researching it? Yardeni wonders. I dont mind if economists say its a nonevent, but they should study it.

I am not normally so ill-natured. But Yardeni hit the nail on the head. I think that most of wall street has just blown off this issue. Its to scarrry to think about.

Although, I am kinda bewildered that I missed out on the latest millionare making internet craze in the market. Rats, another missed opportunity!! ww


Karma, Wayne, those Wall Street scum will get theirs...

I just spent 3 months persuading my brother to get his 401k (about $20,000) out of a mutual fund and into an overnight money market account, realtively safe for a while anyway. And what does he do? Bitch incessantly at me at how the Dow is still going up, how he lost out on $2,000 profit etc. etc.

Brother or not, the guy is brain dead. On the subject of y2k, he lives in Orange County, California, the world's water HQ... he plans on being there in 2000, believes y2k is bullshit, has a daughter who also lives there - I said to him "so, tough guy, you're gonna be ok, stock up on plenty of six packs eh? What about your daughter?"

He goes berserk, "don't lay a guilt trip on me man..."...

I really do give up - I am not my brother's keeper any more...

Wayne - for all those Wall Street scumbags to ply their murky trade - they need docile, idiotic, brain dead, greedy folks just like my brother to play their game. Don't feel too bad, these fools are supporting the corruption that is endemic throughout the USA today.

-- Andy (, January 02, 1999.

I have relatives in LA who also refuse to believe. The father unit even used to be a computer programmer back in the 60-70's! They don't research, and believe it could be bad but, 'they' wouldn't let it happen. I think that for people who are in a potentially bad situation (own homes, own business, lots of commitments), it is so scary to even think that it could be bad, that they refuse to believe it could be. To start to research, is to have to make serious decisions. It' far easier not to. It's also far easier to blame others if there is a problem. (we've all heard it- if there is a problem, it will be because you people caused a panic.) At a certain point, you have to decide that all of us are adults, and are capable of making our own decisions, and that includes deciding not to do anything at all.

-- Damian Solorzano (, January 02, 1999.

The dumber they are, the quicker they die. Then it will be safer sooner for the survivors. Only help those aready aware, you don,t owe the idiots a thing. This is termed "culling the herd".

-- curtis schalek (, January 02, 1999.

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