Y2K - Another View: A Ruthless NWO/Government Takeover Scam

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I spotted this on the net today, wondering if anyone else had any comments on this or other theories/snippits of information.

Anyone know who the rebus group is, do they have a web page???

Thanks, Andy

"Y2K - Another View: A Ruthless NWO/Government Takeover Scam"

By P.T. "Palm"

<"rebus group" 12-30-98

I just want to pass along a few comments regarding the Y2K hysteria that seems to be so pervasive on the net. In my opinion, Y2K is the biggest scam to come along since "reverse engineering", and everyone getting caught up in this madness is aiding and abetting the government's planned "national emergency" in 2000. They have had plans since the summer of 1996 to shut down the power grids under the guise of some "national emergency" or "terrorist" attack. This was to be under the aegis of Clinton's EO 13010, the "Critical Infrastructure" scheme. In 1996 middle management power utility employees purportedly were called in to special meetings to be briefed on the emergency measures to be followed in case of a power grid shutdown. They were issued special transceivers and told they were to remain at home for at least four days, and would be called and told when to report back to work. They were also issued special vests to "get them past military checkpoints".

The Gartner Group, who previously was more negative about Y2K has started to reverse their previous assessment, and now say there could be " just 2-3 days of disruption". (Assuming of course, that Y2K were allowed to run its natural course) The REBUS Group has just concluded a comprehensive examination of the major banks, wire transfer systems, and major credit card companies, and found them to be compliant, based on data collected from the Bank of International Settlements in Zurich. (The central banks' "bank") Do you really think the international banksters are going to let their money system go down in 2000? The "leak" or "mistatement" by the Wisconsin power company official was just a public relations blunder, as was previously mentioned, power company officials were clued in on a shutdown 2 years ago. Even if the power companies were Y2K compliant, the government has the technology to quietly shut down the power grid by either a simulated "cyberterrorist" attack, or through a massive ELM pulse. Y2K is the perfect "excuse" for the government to bring in full-blown martial law in 2000, as the United States has been, and continues to be a thorn in the side of One World planners. She must be brought down.

As the subterranean money forces continue to fuel the stock market, and as derivitive markets continue to soar, megabyte "dollars" continue to flow back to the U.S. banking system. (28 trillion dollars residing in U.S. banks according to the latest OCC report.) The plan in our view, will be to continue this trend, since we have a debt-based money system and you destroy debt by destroying money. This "national emergency" will facilitate the activation of the "Cleared Funds Availibility Act" (1987) and at that point "Know Your Customer" will be the least of the worries on people's minds. The proposed dual-currency system may be introduced at that time, and the "new money" residing in Canandian warehouses will be introduced and the US will have 100% currency controls. Already many secular commentators are saying that the panic over Y2K may be worse than Y2K itself, and when people start a run on the banks, an "emergency" will exist- a self-fulfilling prophecy you might say.

Synopsis: The economy and US monetary system will be collapsed, some disruptions will occur in other parts of the world, but the shock globally about what happened here will bring the rest of the world into line with globalist planning "quicker than a New York minute". Continue to do contigency planning, but stop fueling hysteria and start educating people as to who the real culprit(s) is/are and stop blaming the millenium "bug"!

P.T. "Palm"

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), January 01, 1999


Andy: My initial thoughts here are that the entire article can be easily dismissed. (Yeah, I know, I admit that I was wrong about "Know Your Customer" - I didn't believe that could possibly be true either when I first heard about it).

But as a programmer with many years of experience, I know that the Y2K problem is real. It is not a conspiracy, it is simply the consequence of poor programming practice combined with equally bad management practices.

The world around us has been filled with real conspiracies since before humans learned to write. Some succeed, others fail. I have no doubt that there are people on this planet who will stop at nothing in their desire for power. These people have always been there. Most likely, they always will be. In this regard, today and tomorrow are no different from yesterday.

In general, the more people who are aware of a particular 'conspiracy', the harder it is to keep it a secret. The vast number of people who would be required to successfully carry out a conspiracy the size of the one described above defies the imagination.

In seeking the reasons for Y2K we need look no further than our own lack of competence and foresight. Are there people who will attempt to use Y2K for their own personal/ideological gain. Yep. Thousands and thousands of them. Many with competing and conflicting interests. Could some of those people cause trouble for you and I? Sure they could -- they always have been able to do so -- long before and long after Y2K.

If you find anything that offers more ' hard evidence' than the post above, I would like to know, but unless such evidence is forthcoming, the post cannot be taken seriously.

-- Arnie Rimmer (Arnie_Rimmer@usa.net), January 01, 1999.

Arnie -- I'm very reluctant to accept the premise of the Rebus piece -- it's a new verse to an old tune -- but one can't rule it out on a logical basis alone. Special interests can always exploit a genuine emergency situation to their own ends. Case in point, Lenin's pre-emption of the Russian revolution in 1917.

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), January 01, 1999.

Andy The "Rebus Group" piece authored by Palm has no validity. The New World Order bunch (aka cfr/trilateralists/fabians/club of rome/bilderbergers/etc/etc) is alive and well, with their goals of world domination clearly in sight. To these people, Y2k represents a very serious threat because it could destroy the source of their power, which is control of the central banks. More than anything else, these people would like to see y2k cured, so that they can get about their nefarious purpose of dominating everything.

Contrary to Palm's position, the US is NOT a thorn is the side of the New World Order, but is rather one of the most active participants in this scheme. The New World Order (new name - Transgovernance) has no need for a y2k. It is making good progress without it, and y2k could really screw things up for them.

-- dave (wootendave@hotmail.com), January 01, 1999.

I think the supposed worldwide NWO conspiracy is really just the "invisible hand" of world politics. I think humans are too stupid, aggressive and greedy to orchestrate anything much more sophisticated than Watergate. In other words, a lot of little conspiracies instead of a few big conspiracies. The many conspiracies, taken together, have a symbiotic relationship and form the arms of the "octopus" that William Casey was involved in during the BCCI scandal of the Regan era. Good arms, like the American Red Cross, are intertwined with successively eviler organizations until eventually, you're smack in the middle of organized crime syndicates (or CIA, for those that think the US Govt is the ultimate evil)

-- a (a@a.a), January 01, 1999.

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