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I have been reading the post from so many of you that I feel like I know you. I have a picture of many of you in my head and when I read your post, I see you in my mind. Sounds crazy, huh? I feel like I am going on a journey and each of you are with me.

Some of my pictures: Diane Squire-I see a woman in front of a computer both night and day researching for all of us. She is wearing a halo. Chuck-I think because he signs in as the night driver, I see him drivng an 18 wheeler. I think he is a big cheery kind of guy. Paul-very angry living in the woods Jimmy Bag....-I see a whole lot of donuts and have a hard time taking anything he says seriously Leska-for some reason I think of the movie Fargo and see you bundled up like an eskimo. I do not know where Cascadia is located and wonder if it is cold.

Anyhow you get my drift. So tonight since it is the beginning of a new year, I am asking for a brief profile of each of you. I think we will be going through some trying times in the future and I would like to know more about who you are.

I am glad I found this forum and can not tell you how much I appreciated all the input, both good and bad.

I am married, 2 grown girls, 2 grandchildren. We live on a farm in rural Ky. We have been preparing for several months. I swing between "I do not beleive this" and "it is really going to happen". Bottom line, we keep preparing.

For all newbies: you have landed in a good place to learn.

-- L. Arnold (, December 31, 1998


Know Your Posters! Hi, L. Arnold! Think there's some previous threads re your requests. The biggest problem we're having now, besides the troll rolls, is the lack of a search engine. The bigger the archives get, the more hopeless it is to find anything. Reading archives is very educational; hope you have the opportunity :)

Cascadia is that beautiful swath of land fringed by volcanoes going up the West Coast of North America, starting with Northern California and moving thru Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Every once in a while the denizens consider forming the Cascadia State, but that remains just a fond idea ;) This is an extraordinarily fertile hilly region formed by glaciers, floods, and earthquakes. Home to individualists and survivalist-bent folks already; also Silicon Everythings. Come visit anytime! Especially the San Juan Islands in the Summertime ...

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx

-- Leska (, December 31, 1998.

Linda, funny.

I "feel" like I'm hunched in front of my Mac computer both night and day researching, searching and sifting, for myself and the rest of us. Trying to keep the "halo" anchored firmly. Some days it's easier than others. Do a lot of deep breathing, walking downtown to catch a cafe latte, meditating. Watched more TV news since mid-October than I have for years. Prior to moving off the Southern CA mountain, 6,000 feet up, I was virtually "media free" for the past three and a half years - - no TV or clear radio signal. Connected with "other" sources of information.

Now? Seems like culture shock. Time for another walk soon.

Come Monday, I'll reactivate the job search. Y2K oriented, of course. Changes, changes. Choices, choices.


Happy New Year!

-- Diane J. Squire (, December 31, 1998.

Welcome L. Arnold. Check out the New to the Forum - README thread towards the bottom of the new answers page. In it, you will find a link to the threads called "What about You" that folks can post to if they want to tell the forum about themselves.

-- Rob Michaels (, December 31, 1998.

7 Foot tall center for the New York Knicks.

I thought Chuck was cool at first too but he's really a Limo driver. Nobody I know considers that a real job. Just another pompous ass, not an annoying one though. Now I feel bad so I have to qualify that. He writes like one but is probably interesting in person.

BTW granny, exactly what about fat guys selling their legs for food did you find not to be serious?

-- Jimmy Bagga Doughnuts (, December 31, 1998.

I'm a soccer mom but I don't have a van. I live in the suburbs with my TV and Nintendo crazed children, ages 11 and 6. I work as a computer programmer. If anybody cares, I did finally find a job.

Not that you asked, but all this debate about government agencies and small companies is pointless. They know about the problem, but they simply don't have the money to fix it. Screaming at them louder won't change that. It's all about MONEY MONEY MONEY.

I'm just in a bad mood because everyone in the world but me is at a party tonight. No one even called me.

-- Amy (, December 31, 1998.

Amy, Happy New Year! Party with us here at Yourdon's Asylum. Electricity's on, most everyone's belly's full, ppl still playing with their Christmas toys ... relish your peace and privacy. Who knows what our circumstances, thoughts, and company will be like one year from now. Today seems wonderful! Congratulations on your job too :)

Ashton & Leska, alone & thrilled glued to their computers, never expecting a call again because "We're Online!" :-D

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx

-- Leska (, December 31, 1998.

Well, in truth, I say limo driver because most people don't understand a Black Car Service. Most of my clients can't really show up at their clients' door in a limo because the client ends up paying for it. So, we drive them around in Buick Roadmasters, largest production car in the country until the sport utes beat em out for the financing. I particularly love the Vette engines (T-1), though!!!

And no, I'm not really large or cheery, just a 5'5" 175 putty butt.


-- Chuck a night driver (, December 31, 1998.

But Chuck ... are your Black Cars y2k compliant? Or are you out of a gig come Jan. 1st? I was wondering tonight about all those computerized tow trucks, if they'll be up to tow all of the non-compliant autos to the clueless mechanics.

Can I second L. Arnold -- all of your posts are great. So nice to have someone else out there be more concerned with the future than present gratifications (chocolate not included).

I'm married, two small children, a lawyer who now works at home to be with the little monsters. And no, I'm not interested in suing anyone over y2k non-compliance. Too many happy people preparing for that already.


-- jhollander (, December 31, 1998.

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