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Actually, I'm sure this is ignorant but I don't know anything about CD videos. I found the Rolling Stones''At The Max' on a double CD Video. It says cd compatible and all this crap. The company is CCM I think or CCA. I tried finding them on the web but no luck. Can I play it on a regular CD player and still get the audio? I can't see buying it if I have no way to enjoy it.

-- Tommy MacLuckie (, December 31, 1998


Tommy, I have had a couple of music Video CDs which didn't play on my normal CD player. It may be that I have been doing something wrong! Don't spend your hard earned cash just yet. Anyone else know for certain?

-- Chris Cowie (, January 04, 1999.

CD Video is a hybrid LaserDisc/Audio CD format, and has nothing to do with Video CD, it doesn't even use MPEG. The music is playable on any CD player, but the video is only visible on a LaserDisc player. I believe you get 5-8 mins of Video and about 20 mins audio.

-- Eric J. Katowitz (, January 07, 1999.

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