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7:30pm EST...

-- Goldilucks (, December 31, 1998


Thanks Goldilucks, Hope it's interesting and not just spin.

-- gilda jessie (, December 31, 1998.

It was disastrous. Stephen Roach needs to be stomped on per his namesake.

Hopefully, tomorrow's will be of more substance. I watched it and was so incensed I had to book over to Grandma's to rail about this.

-- Lisa (, December 31, 1998.


I agree, sadly. Notice that the main ammo by the pollyanna was the SEC filings... written by the laywers to show due diligence. We all know how honest they are. Right. He actually started talking about economic growth next year! Not a clue... hope he is not managing any real money. What a bunch of idiots, constantly interrupting each other in loud voices so that a point could hardly have a chance at being made by Grabow. It almost gave me a headache. Hope for tomorrow. Happy New Year, and thanks too for your kind remark on the other thread.

-- Rob Michaels (, December 31, 1998.

OK! Politickin' done for the day, time to get to the party. Rob, take it easy, wish you were local.

-- Lisa (sure@thang.yep), December 31, 1998.

Don't you respect a "news" organization that sums up Y2K Problems = how to re-set your VCR?

Geesh! G'me a Break!

-- Sara Nealy (, December 31, 1998.

Watched it - unbelievably lame - CNN, alias the Movie Channel, strikes again, what more did you all expect???


-- Andy (, January 01, 1999.

So much for "investigative reporting", eh? :-/

-- Tim (, January 01, 1999.

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