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The latest edition of Cory Hamasaki's DC Y2K Weather Report, #106, is now on-line.

Some very interesting comments are included...

-- Nabi Davidson (, December 31, 1998


Quite a work. Unfortunately its more bad news. Where is Diane when we need her?

-- a (a@a.a), December 31, 1998.

Nabi Davidson;

Thanks for the hot link.

The WRP #106 reads very well until the last of Infomagic's treatise where it just stops in mid sentence and runs the tag lines.

It looks like some of Leska's gnomes bit Mr. Infomagic in the butt, or Mr. Hamasaki's computer got bit by a "y1.999k glitch.

I also can't access the report at either site where they normally are, one of which is the same as your hot link.

Oh well, I'm free loading on the thing anyway, so I can't bitch about it. It don't look good for the home town team even if I can't see "the rest of the story".

Thanks again.


-- sweetolebob (La) (, December 31, 1998.

Being a subscriber, i'm gonna mention it to him. I'll see if teh hard copy has teh rest when I get it.


-- Chuck a night driver (, December 31, 1998.

How unexpected! Drinking champaign and reading Cory Hamasakis DC Y2K Weather Report #106 on New Years Eve. *Sigh* Never would have anticipated that one three months ago!

Ill be working on Corys Infomagic response this weekend so I can ship it off to him early next week. In reading the latest offerings, Im still amazed at peoples lack of recognition for the power of an activated human spirit. Most people LOVE a challenge once they get over their fear of it.

Are we going to choose being Y2K challenged, or rise beyond it?


-- Diane J. Squire (, January 01, 1999.

For more on the farming debacle that is about to unfold, read my recent post lifted from the Sightings website on the calamity waiting to happen:-

This is a must read if you buy the Infomagic and Peggy Stewart scenarios.

P.S. Cory/anybody, can you get this to Peggy if she has not already seen it, thanks, Andy.

-- Andy (, January 01, 1999.

To the top.


Try the hot link in Nabi's post.

It is only about 95% of the thing, but at least it is here.

I brought it up to the top to save you having to hunt for it.


-- sweetolebob (La) (, January 02, 1999.

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