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Recently I tried to cut a sheet of 4x5 film into halfs and used the film on a pentax67.I developed the film one by one using xtol.The first one came out normal while the second one came out with a green tint.I later put the one with a green tint in the selenium toner. In about 30-50 seconds,the green tint is gone.

Can someone explain to me what happened ?

-- Robert Choi (, December 31, 1998


First i need a little more information. What type of film did you use. What was the dilution of the Xtol. Had you used same the Xtol before, what was your developing time and temperature. what type of fixer did you use and did you use a hypo clearing agent. Was the green color dark bluish green or light yellowish green? If you can answer these questions it might help figure out what happened.

-- jacque Staskon (, January 01, 1999.

The film that I used is Afga APX 100 in full strength xtol ,fixed in kodak general purpose fixer,developed and fixed both for 8 minutes.

The funny thing is :I used the same time and method and material on two different negatives and have different results.

??? Thanks

-- Robert Choi (, January 01, 1999.

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