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Some of us, I think, await some tangible evidence of problems to come. We get it, but we'll get it better when something happens to which we can relate. That happened to me today. My wife works for an insurance agency, and she told me of an incident that has brought the problem a little more into focus. On behalf of a client, she received today a notice of nonrenewal on a policy that would expire in early 2000. The notice went on to say, however, that coverage would be provided if the policyholder signed an indemnity clause holding the insurance company harmless in the event of any Y2K problem... and Y2K was specified. In addition, my wife noted that, by this time, there are usually hundreds of policies needing work that take effect in January or February with an expiration date a year out. This is December 30, and the agency had one such policy. Get ready.

-- Vic Parker (, December 30, 1998



12-11-98 by mail I received my general liability and work comp policy for the period 1-1-99 to 12-31-99 for my construction business. It included an non optionable endoesement exclusion rider including the following quotes: "When the year 2000 arrives, it is anticipated that many computer systems will fail to work...The problem is critical because programmers who are capable of fixing this problem are becomming scarce and the problem has to be corrected before the year 2000...Your individual business may be affected by the change to the year 2000...Since each situation is unique, it is not possable to predict the possable computer-related and or other electronic problems that you may experence due to the change to the year 2000...An endorsement-Exclusion-year 2000 computer related and other electronic problems-is attached to your policy. Because thid endorsement is attached to your policy, you do not have coverage for liability arising out of any injury or damage related to an computer or other electronic equipment's inability to correctly reconize, process, distinguish, interpert, or accept the year 2000 and beyond. This exclusion will apply regaurdless of wether the computer or other electronic product or device including computer chips belongs to you or others, or has been incorperated into your products or the products of others."

Boy they sure told me.

A lot of posturing is going on to lay the blame and liability on anyone else. As you said "Get ready" and I'll add good luck

-- TJ (, December 30, 1998.

With 1999 coming (tomorrow!), the floodgates will open in terms of real life, measurable events that will verify that Y2K is real. The result will be that, at last, John Q. Public will understand what is coming and what it means. And when that happens, any chance of personal preparation will be shot. Probably bank runs will be the beginning of the end. Get ready!

-- Jack (, December 31, 1998.

Lets keep this thread going for actual documentation of events that happen to US/family etc. It could come in handy for printing off and giving to others.

-- Moore Dinty moore (, December 31, 1998.

This is part of the letter we got from our insurance company (general liability)

... Also, you should not expect your insurance policy to respond to most of the problems arising from the y2k situation. This is because, among other things, the general knowledge of the problem has eliminated fortuity as to many y2k issues. In addition, the anticipated problems associated with y2k such as the inability of computer or equipment to function are generally unisured business risks.

While it is not necessarily time to panic, it will be soon for those who procrastinate. Proper management and action starting today will help your business mimimize the effects of the 2k problem.


-- A lurker (, December 31, 1998.

lurker - Your insurance company actually said this in writing?

"While it is not necessarily time to panic, it will be soon for those who procrastinate. Proper management and action starting today will help your business mimimize the effects of the 2k problem."

They essentially said that it will soon be time to "panic" for some businesses? Incredible. The herd is moooooving...

-- Mac (, December 31, 1998.


Yup, the letter actually said that...hrumph.

-- Lurker (, January 02, 1999.

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