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I've been keeping all the old versions of MAME since recording was 'invented'. You can find them at (crap name for the page, really, but originally it was used to store source code diffs...).

It's not all that up-to-date any more, and it won't be for a while, what with my only access to the net at the moment being from a dodgy cafe in the local 'mall' thing, which they very kindly have built on the fields in which I used to play as a kid. But I'm straying off the point here...



-- Zwaxy (, December 30, 1998


The old version of the Rom images are harder to come by.

I'm trying to get back into Wonderboy again but I need the version of the WbDeluxe roms that work with Mame31 - because its still broken in Mame34rc1... :-(

Not that it matters too much for now because hopefully by the time I can get up to Juan's levels wbdeluxe will be working again (if I can ever get to Juan's levels that is !!!)


-- BeeJay (, December 30, 1998.

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