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I was listening to a talk show while driving today. They were discussing y2k. A policeman was talking ( I didn't catch all his background due to some static) about the fact that they had been told in his dept that they probably wouldn't get check for 6 months. When questioned about contingency plans for communication he said they couldn't use the newer hand held 2 way radios because of the 900mgz frequency. It was on a timer and channel surfed for a frequency. Said they were not compliant. He supposedly was from Florida somewhere. Any body know anything about any of this???????

-- Moore Dinty moore (, December 29, 1998


Well, you're (err he is) talking about a trunked 800 or 900 system which uses 2-7 frequencies to handle 5- a dozen clients. they are processor controled, selecting the frequency which the hand helds will communicate on, using a repeater system. Simplex/talk-around is possible as a work-around but completely negates the value of the system and closes out other users.

This particular technology is able to identify each transmitter, to "know" which agency it belongs to and which agencies it should be able to talk to and hear. One of the "side" benefits on these is that if one is lost or stolen, with one command, the dispatch office can make it go away, and never be heard from or spoken to again (until the computer is aprised of the fact it's come home). Also, even if the miscreants with the radio thijnk it's off, it can be turned on from dispatch, and locked in transmit mode. A nice feature!!. I would want someone from Motorola to speak to the compliance/date awareness of the transceiver system, though I know the logging system will be date and time aware.


-- Chuck a night driver (, December 30, 1998.

THanks Chuck.

His point was that the police wouldn't even be able to help much because their normal communication would be down. They were looking for contingency plans. So you do think this is a possible scenerio? That is mighty scarey! No 911 or police???? Talk about looters! Thanks again I really appreciate you answering a non-techie's question.

-- Moore Dinty moore (, December 30, 1998.

Consider that the computer controling the transmitters decides which receivers to turn on (leading sub-audible and audible tones) and which ones to keep on in about half a second. Communications problems are a possibility but not quite what some might hope. There is still simplex on one freq. which would work.

Dealing with trunked systems is sometimes a little mind bending. You can stand next to someone talking to dispatch, listen on your radio, and you will have a half to a full second delay in what you hear from the person and what the radio does in your ear. The delay can be either funny or disconcerting.

-- Chuck a night driver (, December 31, 1998.

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