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For those of you ooooold enough to have enjoyed the looneys at the Firesign Theatre, here's their take on the Millennium as part of their latest work, "Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death". You'll need RealAudio. Particularly enjoyed "hello, don't worry" (around 3:45 into the file), which sounds a lot like some DWGIs we all know.


-- Mac (, December 29, 1998


That's funny. So, I guess we are all BOZOS' On This Bus. Problem is some of us forgot to inflate out shoes

-- Jimmy Bagga Doughnuts (, December 29, 1998.

For any of you looking for a place to hide out, remember that a cave is only a hole tipped on its side. Toss in a dwarf to make sure.


"Everything you know is WRONG!!"--- FST

-- Hallyx (, December 29, 1998.

Don't Crush that dwarf - hand me the pliers!

Arlin who is amazed at the variety of folks who recognize FST stuff...

-- Arlin H. Adams (, December 29, 1998.

And some of you FST fans might also pick up on a reference to "The Committee," a comedy group from San Francisco about the same time.

"Failure 101" teaches that screwing up is not a failure. Anybody can make a mistake. In order for a mistake to become a failure, it must be compounded. "The Committee" used, as an example, the President accidentally pressing the nuclear button (a mistake) then compounding it into a failure by calling the Kremlin to tell them---ending with the retort, "Go ahead and push your button. We've got God on our side."

I'm sure if they were performing today, our favorite failure would make an excellent example.


"You're a heterosexual? Oh, really?!?!? Are you registered?" ---The Committee

-- Hallyx (, December 29, 1998.

(singing:)"Oh blinding light, oh light that blinds. I cannot see, look out for me." Pastor Rod Flash, he's been up for a week, but he's coming dowwwwwwwn!

My poor 20-something kids were raised on my Firesign Theater albums...they still have not forgiven me, but their banter is peppered with Firesign-isms!

"Why she's no fun, she fell right over!"

-- Donna Barthuley (, December 30, 1998.

"The Further Adventures of Nick Danger Third Eye" has always been a BIG favorite of mine.

"I call this episode: Cut 'Em Off At The Past"!

-- Kevin (, December 30, 1998.

"You people are sooo superstitious, it's just this little chromium switch here..."

For some RealAudio slices of Firesign both old and new, the URL is:

Turns out the entire "Give Me Immortality..." project is about Y2K. Listened to some cuts at work and came near to hurting m'self stifling the laughter. FST hasn't lost its touch.

-- Mac (, December 30, 1998.

"You just hit me over the head with this bottle of champagne, and put in Three dimes...we'll be gone for a thousand years."

"A thousand? Why that's longer than anyone's ever been gone before?"


"Come in and dry your mucklucks by the cornstarch. Permit me to introduce myself,..I am Nick Danger."

"No, I'm Nick Danger."

"Well, if you're so smart why don't you pick up your cues faster?"

"Are those my cues?"

"Yes, and they must be dry by now, why don't you pick them up out of the cornstarch."



-- Donna Barthuley (, December 31, 1998.

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